Tips on protein for muscle?

Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by cherryblossmgrl, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone! I just became a lacto-vegetarian last week after seeing some videos and doing some research on how animals are treated, and also knowing deep down that it is unhealthy. Anyway, for the past year I became pretty healthy, work out a lot, do some strength training. While I eat a salad everyday and take a multi-vitamin, I'm slightly worried about my protein intake and how it will affect my build. I like being pretty "buff" for a girl because I like to do hiking and outdoor activities. Does anyone have any recommendations for supplements or anything? I'm not a huge bean eater ... I'm more interested in something I could take for days where I might not eat a lot of natural protein. Thanks a lot guys; I'm hoping to go completely vegan here pretty soon. I just need to phase out the cheese and buy some new work shoes that aren't leather ... stuff like that.
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    Plain soy protein powder to add into smoothies is good. Or if you want something even easier then get yourself some Spirutein. It's a vegetarian soy protein powder shake mix, comes in many flavors and is REALLY healthy. Just mix a scoop with a cup of soy or rice milk, add a handful of ice and a banana and blend it up! So good and is a great source of protein that's easy to consume.
  3. Spirutein sounds pretty good! I'll have to check my local natural food/vegan supporting store and see if they have that. Thank you! :)
  4. Are you eating more than just salad? There is a lot more veg*n dishes out there than just salad. Have you researched veg*n nutrition?
  5. Well I mentioned the salad part because dark leafy greens have lots of protein. I bought a vegetarian (not vegan, unfortunately, as it uses a lot of dairy/eggs ... which I didn't notice till after I bought it) cookbook and also a soy cookbook (the book isn't technically vegetarian/vegan) ... but I tend not to eat a lot, or have time to eat, some days, so that's why I'm curious about the supplements. :) And I really like salad a lot :) I eat a lot of fruits, and I'm kind of going overboard on the meatless alternatives, like vegan Boca burgers & chicken patties, but I'm trying to phase out eating those so much.
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    I think you'll burn out on Boca. I do. Takes months before I want one again.

    tell us what you do eat, and do like.
    we can make MUCH better suggestions with more info.

    see this triathlete:
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    Hemp protein is extremely absorbable protein, and it has about 11 grams of complete protein per serving. Here's a great deal on organic hemp protein powder:

    2 16 oz canisters of hemp protein powder for 18.00

    I also recommend spirulina... the highest protein food in the world by weight, like 60% protein. It's a blue green algae in every health food store, not spirulina as in a hippy dippy spirit type of food. Spirul as in it grows like a spirul in farms in Hawaii and Mexico and some other places...

    Because it has no cell wall, it goes right into the blood and it is also extremely absorbable, which is very important.

    Because it also contains GLA(which whole hemp seeds do as well, gamma linolenic acid(sp?)), an essential fatty acid, it will help decrease inflammation after intense workouts as well, which is important.

    Spirulina also has sulfur-bearing amino acids which are the kind of amino acids that are great for reducing inflammation and building connective tissue and muscle too I imagine.

    I think absoprtion is probably the most critical factor to building muscle mass. Having good digestion and eating blended food and smoothies will probably ensure that you get the nutrients you need to the cells and places they need to go.
  8. drumminmama: The site about the vegan tri-athlete was VERY helpful! I probably will burn out on boca at some point. I'm still trying the different varieties, and as someone who really liked that type of food as a meat eater ... who knows when I'll stop, hehe :) I tend to stick to fresh fruits, the bags of prepackaged salad, and I'm really discovering vegetables in a way I never thought possible. I'm up for a lot of things, but I mostly enjoy fresh vegetables.

    Avocado: I'll have to check that out in more detail. What you said about absorption is definitely true. Thanks a lot :)

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