Tips for Tightness (if you do kegel exercises PLEASE GIVE INPUT)

Discussion in 'Genitalia' started by LOLkTHX, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. LOLkTHX

    LOLkTHX Member

    I'm not gonna lie, masturbation has really taken a toll on the tightness (or lack thereof) of my pussy. The guy I'm with has a decent-sized penis so we should get more satisfaction out of fucking each other... but we don't, and it's all because of my flabby abby. I've stopped getting off with larger objects for his sake but I'm going to have to do more than that if I want any real results.

    On the most extreme scale, does anyone know if medical practices such as medication and surgery exist for this kind of thing? I mean, they have just about everything for "enhancing that certain part of the male body"... hell, I've seen a surgeon insert a bunch of plastic BBs just under the surface of a man's shaft, you know, for texture. So much time and money is spent on making the penis larger, but I never hear anyone promoting a remedy to make your vagina tighter. Except maybe, don't have sex? Yay.

    Anywho, the exception to this is kegels, and even then I can only find people who practice it for bladder control - not for the sexual aspect. And the reviews I've read on Amazon for kegel exercising tools were obviously written by people who were just using them as a dildo, so that was no help either! Does anyone here partake in kegel exercises? Please share your results!
  2. lizziet84

    lizziet84 Member

    i find that if you squeez with you vaginal muscles while he's in there you can get a lotta pleasure out of that
    don't squeez too hard it could hurt him but a wee bit is looooooovley
    go head n like try that, man!!
    give it a go!!
  3. Allonym

    Allonym cheesecake slut

    i do practice kegels a bit albeit not regularly. my parnter likes it when i intentinoally tighten up around him. ive never had issues with looseness, but there are plastic surgeries that can tighten up a pussy (usually for after a woman has given birth though)... i personally wouldnt let anyone with a scalpel near my pussy if it was avoidable but thats me
  4. Sexi_Lexi

    Sexi_Lexi Member

    Well offers a tightening cream. You could try that. It's nothing drastic like surgery.
  5. SilverClover14

    SilverClover14 Senior Member

    Try different positions. The guy I'm with now isn't the largest I've ever been with (which is a good thing) but he says that I'm the tightest he's ever had, so we can't do some of my favorite positions because some of them, like a charm, make him orgasm immediately. Try putting your legs over his shoulders for one. Kegels would definitely help also, as well as making your orgasm stronger. It's not generally used for bladder control, but the instructions on how to do it use that as a metaphor.

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