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Discussion in 'Spanking' started by Maximillian1, Apr 16, 2021.

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    Does anyone use a timer or count down app when recieving a spanking? I read an account of a wife paddling her man for fifteen minutes with a small wooden paddle ( like a hairbrush). Firm strokes to start then progressively harder and faster. He was a blubbering, sobbing mess at the end from his account. A pic of his ass was a deep crimson from the tops of his thighs and covered his ass completely. He would of recieved hundreds of strokes by the end, he was over her lap with her left leg locking his legs together. We've never tried this method, but if we did, five minutes of continuous spanking is pretty intense! My wife has used a wooden hairbrush on me for sixty swats and it got me jumping and moaning after the first ten! Wood is very effective as a spanking tool!
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    My wife uses a wooden paddle. As for timing I never know how long my spanking will last. She once said she knows when to stop by the color of my backside.
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  3. Maximillian1

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    That's a loving wife that can truly beat her mans ass to deep red or even black and blue. She understands that her man won't be damaged for long. Most spouses won't go that far when punishing their man or woman. They must be stoic and keep going until he's truly had a proper thrashing. You're a lucky man to have a lady that loves you enough to give you what you need and probably deserve. Be grateful!

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