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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Templedragon, Jan 3, 2005.

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    A trilogy from me, you poetry from Mr. V...

    Gangsta of Ganja

    I'm a gangsta of ganja and I'm packin' my piece
    I'm toasty and chillin' and wearin' my fleece
    I'll be burnin' some nugs with my family and friends
    Cause the vibe here is Irie and the love never ends

    So you narcs and you snitches and you DEA types
    And you dark hearted meanies and grinches and gripes
    You can stop what you're doin', and end your whole scene
    Cause the waters of justice will be washing you clean

    Our Light, it is Living, and humming with juice
    And our spirits are soaring and our Mojo is loose
    All inside we are glowing with white light and spirit
    If you quiet your mind and your thoughts you can hear it

    So Cannabis lovers, faeries and gnomes
    Come out of your closets, your shacks and your homes
    It's a 4:20 planet with plenty of time
    For fightin' for freedom with rhythm and rhyme

    Cause a song in one's heart and a nug in one's bowl
    Can dig any old hempster out of any old hole
    And if Babylon thinks it can stand up to our chants
    We'll just kick silly Babylon right in it's pants

    And all hempsters and healers and stoners, see here
    It is time to awaken, our duty is clear
    We must all come together, unite and stand tall
    With high pride we'll harmoniously weather it all

    There's a spark from the sun and it's catchin' afire
    In the hearts of all good people and taking them higher
    So be packin' your piece and remember your goal
    It's to free all creation and heal every soul

    Thou Shall Not Kill

    Holy water in my pocket, pants too tight
    Hot as a sprocket cause I pray all night
    Got nothing in the oven, lookin for a thrill
    Lookin for some lovin with an urge to kill

    Got a flip-flop flapjack makin me a half-stack
    Don't need a tic-tac breathin in the good gak
    Don't like the blunt cause it tastes like crap
    Filter all your water don't drink from the tap

    I got death row Jethro sittin in his cell
    Contemplates his navel in the roach motel
    I got glass house gangstahs, unmerry prankstahs
    Republican president is such a wanker

    Everybody's crying when the lights go dim
    Mother wife and children all thinkin of him
    How can we possibly look into the light
    And tell our kids another death makes a death alright

    This hypocrite habitat looks pathetic
    Death row bros try to look athletic
    Innocent people being put to death
    Take the blind off of justice cause she might be deaf

    Open up your eyes and take a good deep breath
    Count the corners on your karma cause you might be next

    Path of a Tear

    In each teardrop that falls
    From an eye on a face
    Is a heart full of feeling
    Or sadness, or grace

    Be it happiness, grief
    Or a tear of emotion,
    Each drop carves a canyon
    And comes from an ocean.

    As gravity pulls every tear to the ground
    They negotiate cheeks, lips, and chins to get down
    The fleeing of travelling tears on one's face
    Is a cleansing redemption that's purging someplace

    The journey of liquid that flows from the eyes
    Holds a heapful of healing of significant size
    So surrender to tears as they travel on down
    And smile while you're crying or alter your frown

    Because the path of a tear
    Is a sacred release
    And its gift is the feeling
    Of healing and peace.

    Peace and Love, Vivian McPeak copywrong 2004 All Rights Reversed
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    Gotta admit I'm no fan of rap but these are good. You're a rhyme city, more funky than Bo Diddly!
  3. gdhmomchild

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    ~* I liked the middle of the first one...the second was well done, but not my tatse...the third was more to my taste and done nicely. I'm not usually a big fan of rhyme but yours is well done, thanks*~
  4. Rayeine

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    verry nice
  5. Templedragon

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    Rap? Never thought of them as rap, but OK.

    yeh, I have poems that are more stream of consciousness, but these poems were written to be adapted to melody...hence the more traditional form. It tends to make your poems Hallmark like, but fuck it, it's just art, eh? :)

    thanks for the freakback. peace, Viv-

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