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    If all the wealth and gold were mine and I had all the power,
    I'd start from the lowly and go on up, pay them three an hour.
    I'd divide the land out equal, give them all a share,
    Hire some workers to help me and pay them three an hour.

    There'd be no need for lawyers, I would know quite well.
    If a man had shot his neighbor, I'd put that man in jail.
    Oh, the watcher of the jailhouse, the lawman if you say
    Would take the criminals to the fields,
    But they would get their pay.
    They'd support their families,
    Their little children, wives and such,
    Just like the lawmen, three an hour, I'd pay them all that much.

    Insurance would lose their business, nobody would need it.
    I'd pay their doctor, hospital bill, I wouldn't mind a bit.

    Doctors, nurses, and the surgeons all,
    Would draw their check payday.
    At three an hour... all day long, they'd get a lot of pay.
    Groceries would be dirt cheap, I know,
    I'd stock the shelves quite well,
    Pay the man three an hour, if he'd stay there and sell.
    Farmer Brown would bring the groceries, I'd set his hours down.
    I'll guarentee, come payday, he'll be the richest man in town.
    For I would buy his seedlings, his fertilizer such.
    I'd pay that farmer three an hour, yes, i'd pay that much.

    I'd get a banker, yes, I would to help my load to share.
    I'd let him loan my money out, pay him three an hour.
    He'd loan to anyone who asked... long as it was in his power,
    He'd just ask, "Can you pay this back making three an hour?"

    There'd be no judges, no court rooms, I'd quickly wipe them out,
    Give the judge a job in the cottonfield, I would help him out.
    He would be quite dissapointed when he had lost his power,
    But he'd cheer up come payday when he drew three an hour.

    There'd be no state or county tax, I would fix the roads.
    I'd pay the roadmen three an hour, to help me with the load.
    I'd pay for schools and county homes, to keep the elderly there,
    The staff would be quite happy when they drew three an hour.

    I'd send the veterens out a check, they would not despair,
    They'd make the same as their neighbor, somewhere 'bout three an hour.
    The disabled I would take care of, supply their every need.
    Send their neighbor three an hour, to go do their good deed.

    There'd be no need for politicians, I'd find them work somewhere.
    Give them a job in the factories, making three an hour.
    The bosses and the workmen, they'd make all the same.
    No one would ever be influenced by another's name.

    Then I'd pick a leader, Mr. President.
    A godly man, a worker, I'd personally pick him.
    Oh, he'd have lots to say, so he'd have lots of power.
    I'd sit him in his office high where he'd make three an hour.

    If he got tired of his job, I'd go look around,
    Search everywhere here and there, 'til another I had found.
    I'd say, "How would you like, my friend, to have some fame and power?"
    If he'd come rule this country well, i'd pay him three an hour.

    ~ George :D
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    ah man, i wish that would really happen. but communism was close to that but it didnt work. y not though? it sounds perfect.
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