Thoughts on George Floyd's death and protests during pandemic?

Discussion in 'People' started by Nadia Ramsey, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. Nadia Ramsey

    Nadia Ramsey Members

    I hope you guys are doing well and are safe in your homes.

    I wanted to talk about the latest news about George Floyd's death. I have been hearing that furious protests are going on in Minneapolis and other American states. I want you guys to share your views about was it justified to murder George Floyd and how bad it is for people to gather in huge numbers due to the COVID-19. How do you feel about this incident? I personally got so disturbed after watching the video and I couldn't see him die so painfully. His words still echo in my mind "I can't breathe."
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  2. nudistguyny

    nudistguyny Members

    I am a white male. And I along with 3 other church groups marched along side of the protestors to show our support. It was a peaceful ,It was loud. But hopefully it was a well heard march. The deaths of (black) people just because of their skin color is sickening. A jogger is killed. His "crime" jogging in a white neighborhood.It took 3 months before they decided to arrest the shooters- Because they were "Good old boys "------ George Floyd chocked to death after pleading for his life. And so many, many more.
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  3. Pete's Draggin'

    Pete's Draggin' The surfin' gonna be good Staff Member Lifetime Supporter Super Moderator

    Repeat of Rodney King justice.

    Defense wins.
    All 4 officers will be acquitted at the end of trial.

    Major protests following verdicts

    Family will sue and collect large settlement under wrongful death lawsuit, a couple of years from now. Money justice.

    Case closed......

    Next black person wrongfully killed by police coming soon in the next calendar year.

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  4. wrat

    wrat Member

    Thoughts? those cops suck , they should not have been cops , flipside is dont break the law you dont have run ins with cops. NOTHING is as black and white as it appears its all shades of grey
  5. Vladimir Illich

    Vladimir Illich Members

    Of course it hasn't occurred to you to re-educate and retrain the Police to help eliminate racial prejudice. Those who cannot comply with that should then be dismissed without pension rights !!!
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  6. wrat

    wrat Member

    actually cops like that cant be retrained they obviously are not wired properly they should never have been cops so your point is moot
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  7. Faelixx

    Faelixx whatever dude

    The fact that young kids (Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin) who were unarmed (not that being armed should have anything to do with it!) have been shot and killed is indicative to me that those situations were 100% racially based. It's not just cops, it's the white people who call the cops on black people literally just going about their business. However... With the looting, I mean... That definitely takes away from the cause. And for people to take to their social media platforms and cry foul on the media reporting about the looting, as if being fear mongering and hyperbolic isn't apart of their whole shtick, is just crazy to me.

    So for me, it just seems like a lot of hypocrisy. We know what each side is saying, that they're right and the other person is wrong. No in between. So idk. No one teaches you to kneel on someone's neck as a method of subduing a suspect who's already on the ground and in handcuffs. Unnecessary is an understatement. I remember hearing about Philando Castille, who was shot in his car with his girlfriend and daughter in the car, and the girlfriend was recording the whole time and it was fucking tragic. Dunno why this George Floyd guy is the one people are rallying behind, just seems verrrrrry suspicious to me. Where was the blackout when a young man who gave back to his community was wrongfully pulled over and then shot as he was telling police he was reaching for his registered firearm? When I think about it I just get angry and sad.

    When that all happened I was pretty bummed out for a while. Philando just looked like such a nice guy and he was killed in front of his child over nothing. I was on the subway and I was sitting on a three seater. This young black family, a couple and their baby, came on and I immediately jumped up and insisted they take my seat. They looked kind of shocked tbh. Wary, even. And I was kind of talking to them, they just kind of looked surprised. Like they didn't know how to take it. And in my mind I'm feeling so guilty. Would I have given them my seat if I wasn't feeling so bad for Philando? Is that the kind of person I am? I wanted to donate to his GoFundMe page but you never know what's legit with those things sometimes. So no, I won't be posting a black picture to my screen and telling other people to do better. I think it speaks volumes that so many people are worried about being called out for being racist if they don't follow suit. Maybe it's because... They actually are racist but they don't wanna admit it :eek: I have a black lady on some social media platforms and she is having a freaking hay day. Not saying all black people are. This particular 40 something year old lady is constantly posting selfies and self affirmation quotes, it's so annoying. And now she has another thing she can get attention for :rolleyes: it's so cringe.

    So my take away from everything is that America is fucked, has been for a while, people who are posting so much about it are either relieved that people are finally talking about it(black people), people who feel guilty and probably are actually racist (white people) and then the insecure ones who will do anything for attention (everyone) so that's my two cents lol
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  8. Vladimir Illich

    Vladimir Illich Members

    Then the local authorities need to deal with it, sack those that don't comply and advertise for replacements - perhaps the Black community itself can find a few candidates.
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  9. wrat

    wrat Member

    Agreed and hopefully
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  10. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    Murder of Floyd was unjustifiable and if COVID-19 is as serious as we're led to believe and all the stats point to, gathering in huge numbers in the middle of a pandemic is not all that bright.

    Let me be clear, I could be mistaken about this but I thought I saw video surface where Floyd is saying "I can't breathe" while standing up. Toxicology report suggests he had fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system and it seems like he was at least on fentanyl while the situation was happening.

    Assuming all that is true, I don't think it absolves the police but I do think there is an element of failure in handling non-violent drug addicts or people under the influence not being discussed and which is being completely overshadowed by the race element.
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  11. wrat

    wrat Member

    I totally support LEOS however what those cops did was wrong and inexcusable in ANY circumstance as is rioting/looting under the guise of a peaceful and meaningful protests
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  12. Faelixx

    Faelixx whatever dude

    Ah this is where you and I disagree, just watched a video of a white double murder suspect get taken down, given water, then had wounds dressed while in handcuffs. I do believe that race had more than 50% to do with it. It's hard for some white people to just accept that some white people are horrible, awful racists because it's something we will just never understand, but it does happen. And we go about justifying it too. "oh well he was on drugs" well... The man is still dead over a $20 counterfeit bill
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  13. Dax

    Dax Members

    No right thinking person willl condone racism in whatever form. A black man died and he should not have but I was taught that two wrongs don't make a right. Killing, burning and looting in name of George Floyd's is almost as disgraceful as his tragic death. In years to come the rioting will be remembered ... not George Floyd.
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  14. wilsjane

    wilsjane Members

    Following WW2, we had the highest respect for America, particularly the young guys who sacrificed their lives in the name of western democracy and the native Americans who stood alongside them. The country had a boom period following the war and everything looked rosy.

    Then somehow it all seemed to go wrong.
    Perhaps government and greedy companies moving jobs to the east sowed the seeds of discontent. Falling living standards then seemed to develop a generation of people seeking someone to blame.

    We are now in a period of disharmony against governments and the native population seem to have resorted to crime in fairly large numbers, which in turn resulted in a highly corrupt police force.

    Obama seemed to do his bit, particularly in creating a health service, but even that lacked the support of the people and upset the multi-millionaires who were making their money from the previous shambles.

    I personally think that Trump understands the root of the problems, but is being derailed and ridiculed in every attempt to find a solution. His announcement on taxing imports from China was music to my ears, but sadly one man cannot fight all the greed and corruption at the same time.

    Perhaps the thing that shocked me more than anything was that American police killed 1,004 people by shooting them last year, 32 of them innocent bystanders.
    Our highest ever annual number here in the UK is 6, with only 1 innocent person shot over the last 3 decades and that was at the height of a terrorist attack
    Perhaps 1,000 police officers on death row would change their attitude.

    Democracy is getting more complicated by the day in the 21,st century.
    We look to governments to wave a wand and save us all from a virus. But not a single country thought that it might be a good idea to elect a senior doctor into their government, Then we blame them for struggling to find solutions.

    I wish that I knew the answers, rather than just sitting here preaching gloom.
  15. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    "Oh well he was on drugs" is about the furthest thing from what I was trying to convey. I'm saying that cops should have the ability to adjust to such situations.
  16. Faelixx

    Faelixx whatever dude

    I don't think it was about drugs at all
  17. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    So you think 4 cops thought the guy was coherent and didn't talk to him for ~10 mins?
  18. Faelixx

    Faelixx whatever dude

    I don't know for sure dude, none of us do. That's why it's so hard for me personally to have a 100% opinion, too many variables
  19. nudistguyny

    nudistguyny Members

    NO every thing was not all rosie. There were hangings of blacks. Rapes and murders. Churches were burnt to the ground. There were White schools and Black schools that were very under funded. Look at the time frame of the 1940s to the 1960's. There were bathrooms for the "colored" and bathrooms for whites. There were drinking fountains for the blacks and drinking fountains for the whites. When I went to Ga. in the 1970's to visit family members, I was shocked by it. I heard grown men called "boys" "Hey boy come here " We have made progress But not enough !
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  20. Flagme15

    Flagme15 Members

    the majority of African American encounters with cops have nothing to do with a criminal act.
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