Those of you with gfs or bfs (welcome to my reality game show)

Discussion in 'Games and Contests' started by Sign Related, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Sign Related

    Sign Related The Don Killuminati

    Would you take 10 million in cash and leave your gf/bf as a then ex or keep your gf/bf and walk away from 10 million in cash?

    Wait! Before you make a choice on my reality game show, with any slickness on mind, there is a catch to asure that you more than likely wont have both in some way in the end result. The thing is this, if you, in one room, choose the money, then right away who would soon be your ex, in another room, gets intercourse raw style by two men (or women if you're a female making the choice) with a sure std that would be undisclosed to them (your gf/bf) except to you, but they would at least know you brought it about because you chose the money. I had to make it hard [​IMG] It's designed so that if your gf/bf is the kind that would trust your choice and be for you choosing the money just so they could easily team up back together with you later somewhere because it aint like any one would know--Well, you get the drift! Now answer to question. It comes down to revealing that you either love your gf/bf or you dont in this very post...Or, if you dont love your gf/bf that you either are capable of wishing harm to another human being or not because of money. Ha! This is designed to reveal just what kind of a person are you.
  2. Naoki_ninja

    Naoki_ninja Bruce Lee's hero

    i love my bf, i would walk away from the 10 million.
  3. gesone

    gesone Member

    Damn! This is hard. I can't make my mind up.
  4. szeretlek8

    szeretlek8 Member

    Are you serious, gesone?:p
  5. i_was_in_shroom_land

    i_was_in_shroom_land Shroomier than you!

    well, what if the two girls who have stds were hot, and my soon to be ex wore protection....?
    then that wouldn't be all that bad.. right?
  6. azucena

    azucena vagina farts

    i would take the 10 mil. and i wouldn't expect any less from him :) he probably wouldn't take it, though. man, i'm a cold hearted bitch.
  7. treehuggerT

    treehuggerT Member

    I'm married, actually, but no way in hell would I take the money. He wouldn't either. You can't put a price on what we have.
  8. daphnejain

    daphnejain Ink is forever

    I would walk away from the money. I would much rather have what I have than the headaches that ten million dollars would bring.
  9. marbchic

    marbchic Member

    me too, lady
  10. Geneity

    Geneity self-proclaimed advocate

    Well you made it too easy with the STD thing. I love my BF too. We're extremely close. I wouldn't want him hurt. If the STD's were curable, I'd take the money and find him again, and we'd use some of that money for a cure.

    If not, I'd keep him <3
  11. *Andy*

    *Andy* Senior Member

    Eh, screw the cash. It's a lot, but I have what I need.

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