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Discussion in 'Bare It!' started by Sammy, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Sammy

    Sammy Member

    I'm just interested to get the views of people who don't take their clothes off, be they barefooters or whatever.

    Why don't you take your clothes off at the moment? Is it that you think it's wrong? Embarrasing? Not happy enough with your body? Just never had the opportunity?

    What would it take to make you consider it? Might you try it at a nude beach, if there was no-one you knew there? With friends, if they all wanted to skinny dip?

    I hear a lot of people say things like "I might, if I happened to be somewhere and everyone was doing it".

    And what if you wouldn't consider it? What would you do if you were at someone elses pool, and lots of others were skinny dipping? Would you be uncomfortable with that? What about if you wandered onto a nude beach?
  2. Astaroth

    Astaroth Banned

    I wouldn't take my clothes off because I value my basic sense of decency. It is morally wrong to expose oneself. I need no other reason.

    But, it also doesn't matter much to me if someone else does it on their private property, out of sight of those unwilling to see and/or participate. It's a free country...
  3. Sammy

    Sammy Member

    That's cool, I guess. I always wanted to be able to go naked, so I think it's helpful to learn this sort of stuff from those that don't, without having to confront friends who might feel I was pressurising them.

    Let me ask you a question though; what is your basis for thinking it's morally wrong to expose oneself? Is that a religious belief for you, or just what you were brought up to think? I guess I think you have the right to decide that if you want to, but I'm always curious as to where peoples morals and rights and wrongs come from. If you believe in God, and believe that he says don't be naked, it's pretty clear. But if you don't believe in God, what then?
  4. Myranya

    Myranya Slytherin Girl

    I don't think it's wrong or anything, but I just don't think it's comfortable. I like being almost naked at home, often I wear just a slip -but I will always wear a slip. I've tried it without but I absolutely hate even the tiniest bit of discharge when I'm not wearing one, just gross! Yes I know it's natural, and my own, I still don't want it on my chair, legs, towel or anywhere for that matter.

    We also don't have the best of climates here; in summer I wear only a slip at home but in winter I usually wear a poncho or go fully clothed. I'm usually just sitting still, at the computer or reading or something, then it's hard to stay warm... and turning up the heat real high isn't a good idea for either my purse or the environment :p

    And of course out in public in most places it'd get me a whole lot of unwanted attention, too... and since I *do* want to wear that slip, I don't really think a nudist resort is for me either.
  5. Astaroth

    Astaroth Banned

    “Abstain from all appearance of Evil” (1 Thess 5:22)

    I am a Christian, and that is the basis for my beliefs.

    I suspect the next question would be how nudity amounts to an appearance of evil. Nudity is sexual by nature no matter how you try to interpret it otherwise (and you can argue all day to prove otherwise, but you won't sway me). Unrestrained nudity to me equals unrestrained sexuality, and I'm sure I do not need to educate you on the evils of unrestrained sexuality.

    Does that answer your question?
  6. NudistMike07

    NudistMike07 Member

    You can still be decent and be naked at the same time. I think being decent has to do with what type of person you are more than what youre wearing. A naked person to me would be more decent than one wearing revealing clothing with the intention to shock people.

    Well I dont think of being naked as exposing myself and it doesnt go against my morals. I see being naked as being in my natural state of being and I can still uphold my morals and yet still manage to enjoy my nudity quite fine.

    People can be naked and still control their sexual urges. People who cant control their sexual urges while naked do so because they let themselves do so. Just because youre naked doesnt mean you will lose all self control and just automatically want to go get it on with someone.
  7. Sammy

    Sammy Member


    I don't know about the 'evil' of unrestrained sexuality, that's a very pejorative term, and assumes that I share your view of good and evil. The 'unwisdom' of unrestrained sexuality I'd agree with.

    On the one hand, most people find that they are very quickly used to being naked, and don't find it a turn on. Even anthropologists tend to recognise this, though some of them see it as a bad thing. We are conditioned to nudity as being sexual, and conditioning is quick to disappear.

    On the other hand, what you said was, and I quote "Unrestrained nudity to me equals unrestrained sexuality", and it would be wrong not to respect that. As I said, I take issue with the idea that nudity is by nature sexual, but given that you have no problem with nudity provided that those who don't want to don't have to see it (and I would hope that includes designated nude beaches), I don't think it's an argument to pursue. Reading some of your other posts though, your attitude in general seems rather angry and condemnatory for a Christian.
  8. Astaroth

    Astaroth Banned

    If a designated nude beach is private, and the access is tightly controlled, I have absolutely, positively no problem with that. By "tightly controlled" I mean that, at the very least, nobody under 18 is admitted and this policy is somehow enforced.

    I do not believe that such a thing should exist on public property though, as it implies the state endorsing the activity.

    In response to NudistMike07: revealing clothing is just as wrong as being fully unclothed. Also, please do not mistake your personal standards for everyone else's.
  9. NudistMike07

    NudistMike07 Member

    If nudity was evil basically your saying God creating man in his own image was creating something evil and God wouldnt do that. Basically your saying if God's own image is evil, then he is evil as well. I would take that as an insult if I were God.
  10. Astaroth

    Astaroth Banned

    You are obviously confused.

    Human body isn't evil. I have never said it was evil. Don't put your words in my mouth.

    I wish people would stop hiding behind the tired "in God's image" excuse.

    And also - I'm not saying that you, NudistMike, cannot get together with a bunch of other people who share your views on nudity, drop your britches and have a ball. I'm only saying that I wouldn't do it, and you shouldn't do it where people who do not wish to see it and/or participate are present.
  11. NudistMike07

    NudistMike07 Member

    If its not evil then it shouldnt bother other people to see it and they should have no problem with it. Those that dont want to see it probably have never seen it before so they really dont know if theyd like it or not, theyre just acting on the stuff they were brought up with.
  12. Astaroth

    Astaroth Banned

    Again, this is only your opinion that does not necessarily reflect the views of everyone else.
  13. Amontillado

    Amontillado Member extraordinaire HipForums Supporter

    Actually the way the nudist Christians most often put it--and there are quite a lot of them--is that God created humans last, after He had spent the first part of the week on less important stuff(!!) The human body is God's best work, and when you let yours be seen in public, you're not just showing your skin, you're showing pride and gratitude for what God gave us all. To suggest that there's something of shame and uncontrolled sexuality (yes, God gave us the ability to control our behavior too!) in simply letting God's work be seen is demeaning God and suggesting that he didn't trust us.

    Not that I'm a Christian, you understand, but that's what they say.

    My friend Tom [] produces a monthly newsletter, The Naked Truth, which has a strong Christian bias, but he tries to keep it to the level where the more moderate heathens aren't driven away.

    Astaroth, I'd be interested to hear where you're located, and how your attitude fits with the outlook of most local people?

    And why wander the battlefields of Europe, when there are fresher ones elsewhere?
  14. Astaroth

    Astaroth Banned

    Heh, heh. "Wandering the battlefields of Europe" pertains more to the character whose name I borrowed than to myself. But you're right - there are fresher battlefields, not that we should be there... but I digress.

    I live in New England; I know it's supposed to be a more liberal area but strangely enough, I encounter more people who share my views than people who oppose them.
  15. NudistMike07

    NudistMike07 Member

    Even if youre not a christian to say the body is ugly is showing disrespect to whatever supreme power or entity that created it and basically anybody who feels its ugly or not decent should be ashamed of themselves. I sure would be if I said such things. Even though some people think im ugly I think my body is a beautiful thing and I love it just the way it is.
  16. NudistMike07

    NudistMike07 Member

    That would imply that its an adult area and that there is something wrong about it or that its something only adults should be able to do. I think children, especially those with their families have the right to go someplace and be naked just as much as adults do.

    No, it just means that they would be providing someplace for people to go to exercise their right and not infringe on anybody else's rights.

    Revealing clothing implies the person has some desire to shock or arouse a person based on what it shows off and how it shows it off. If you are fully naked you are in your natural state and you cant tell what one naked person is thinking from another.
    I beleive deep down other people beleive the same as I do or pretty close to it as far as nudity is concerned.

    You have implied this idea though, even though you might not have said it word for word. You make nudity sound as if it should be an adult activity because its sexual and somehow will harm people and in a way youre saying its evil or immoral somehow.

    If God created us in his own image than to say something he created and designed with his own hands is ugly is to insult what he has created and that would be disrespectful to him. Even if you dont beleive in God, the human body is not ugly or immoral and to say so would be insulting the intelligence of whatever supreme power brought us into this world and existence. Our world is so precise and complicated that if God didnt create it then who or what did that could have done it so precisely and just right then?

    You wouldnt suggest that I do it though or think that its a good idea either....

    What you do is your own choice but you should not infringe on the rights of others to be able to express themselves freely as long as they bring no harm to anyone. Just seeing nudity does not harm people, it might offend some but offense doesnt necessarily equal harm.
  17. da_Bug

    da_Bug Member

    I not only go naked but I like to walk around with a carrot sticking out of my ass!
  18. NudistMike07

    NudistMike07 Member

    Most people who say that they do not like nudity or the sight of it would offend them have never even seen a naked person *besides themselves, which really doesnt count* so they cannot really say weither they would like it or not or weither the sight of it would truly offend them or not. Just like a little kid cannot say he doesnt like green beans or that they taste yucky when he has never even tried them before.
  19. juggla

    juggla Member

    well its only 20 degrees up here in new england so that kind of discourages me from prancing around naked, also i might give my mother a heart attack. and i have a tiny penis. (just joking about the small penis, but not really)

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