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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by peacefuljeffrey, Jan 10, 2005.

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    I go to the local supermarket, Publix,
    and reliably, the cheapest apple juice on the shelf is the store brand, Publix 100% Pure Apple Juice.

    Now, it is 100% juice, no additives. The ingredients list: "Apple Juice and Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C)." Nothing else.

    And it's not from concentrate!

    How is it that this half gallon of the best quality apple juice around costs $1.85, and the "name brands" like Mott's, etc., which are from concentrate (typically not as good quality as "not from concentrate) cost upwards of $2.00/half gallon?!

    It's finally a miracle of economics that works in the consumer's favor!!

    I can barely believe it! :eek:

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    The name brands spend $$$ researching how to get people to buy their crap. Then they spend $$$ on advertising to convince people that they will be sexy/rich/famous if they buy the crap.

    Gotta up those prices to get the $$$$$$ back. A lot of silly people think they get what they pay for, so expensive = better.
  4. velvet

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    I was amazed the other day that a small 'to go' package of chocolatmilk here (famous brand) was 1,10 euro (you know, the kind with the straw attached to the side, I think they are 0,2 liter) while 1 liter of the stuff (so five times the small one) is just 1 euro! In the same shop!

    Why on earth would you buy the small ones if you can buy a large one cheaper? The straw? Ah com'on.. you can drink straight from the pack!

  5. Super_Grrl

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    Shhhh Jeffrey...they're gonna know you're onto them... :rolleyes:

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