This is unbelevable luck.

Discussion in 'Busted!' started by jimaug87, May 31, 2007.

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    I was in the parking lot outside a local show. The show was in Glouster, which is a place I don't spend much time in. Well... we were in the parking lot on my friends hood smoking a blunt, and there were some kids we did not know in a van a few spaces over drinking beers. An undercover cop in plaincloths confronted the kids drinkning beers before we even noticed he was there. The whole time he was there we were just doin our puff,puff,pass on my buddies hood.

    The cop took the kids that were drinkning in, and never said a word to us. I learned later that the cops really don't care about weed in Glouster. I need to spend more time chillen up north a bit.

    This is an, "I should have been busted" story
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    haha your cops are like the ones over here. I've seen our sheriff buying weed before.
  3. hippieatheart

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    that's awesome
    you're lucky!
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    True story: My old car is now the D.A.R.E car in Gloucester. To quote my mom "Kids, getcha stems and seeds outta the car, it's a D.A.R.E car nowwww!!!" Haha

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