this is the funniest thing ever.

Discussion in 'Christianity' started by madcrappie, May 21, 2007.

  1. madcrappie

    madcrappie crazy fish

    trolls are allowed to live on in the christianity forum, while the true christians are put into a "concentration camp" so to speak........ so the trolls can overrun the christian forum. ha.

    see how it is?? anti christians speak out against what the christians have done over the years, putting anti christians into camps and torturing them, and killing them, yet, here is this "sanctuary" for christian people that are becoming kicked out of the christian forum.
  2. Cerberus

    Cerberus Member


    cruel cruel world
  3. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

  4. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    I was thinking about this the other day after seeing the ridiculous amount of "attacks" here. I think that it's rather hilarious that for the first time in a a thousand plus years the Christians are getting persecuted on some level.

    I think that there's a private password protected Christian forum somewhere here as it is.

    There is a nice lack of tolerance here though. I am truly not a fan of Christianity... but you can't blame your average Christian for the sins of his religion. Plus... your average Christian is actually a good person who believes in the ideals of the religion...

    Believe me... you could have grouped a couple of million atheists together and they wouldn't have been peaceful.

    Most large groups usually end up being destructive. Christianity is just the dominant large group of people in our times... so it's easy to point the finger. It's sad that your common Christian, no matter how weak or hypocritical he might be, has to suffer from this.
  5. snake sedrick

    snake sedrick Banned

    Well, they could always drop the religion if they are aware of the 'sins' - they're not forced to be brainwashed cabbages.

    I don't actually think c/anity is that dominant on a global level. Other than in purely nominal terms of having greater numbers than any other religion.

    I'd say capitalism is the dominant ideology in today's world.
  6. Xac

    Xac Visitor

    Lets not get carried away, I myself have not lived in a concentration camp but from my understanding it would be extremely worse then a forum in which you can freely express your love for your religion without fear of back lash... but if you feel the need to compare...
  7. Xac

    Xac Visitor

    As valid a point it is to say most bottom level christians want to be good people it should to be appreciated that when good people are controlled so thoroughly they can end up geniunly believing things such as torture and murder are acceptable behaviour. I've seen it happen... I've heard horrific statements come out of the mouths of people who genuinly do have good intent.

    Back on topic, i thought the (religious)forums were for discussing different faiths, not nessecarily to promote them.
  8. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    Yes, ofcourse...

    But as I said....... ANY large organized group of people is usually destructive, not only Christianity.
  9. misterrain

    misterrain Banned

    I personally think it's extremely hypocritical to talk about peace and love and then support this level of prejudice and antagonism because it's something you personally agree with.

    If everyone here is so much smarter and more enlightened and more free-willed than Christians are, then why doesn't anyone just get over it and realize that just because Christians have persecuted others in the past (though it sounds to me like most people have issues with the hierarchies, institutions and politics as opposed to the actual religion), it doesn't mean that hating them is ever going to be productive!
  10. misterrain

    misterrain Banned

    Much like the large group of people on this forum who are united by their prejudiced and hateful views of Christians.

    SILVERWOLF_87 Member

    I've noticed that many participants in the Christian forum are quite... aggressive about their views, whether they be supporting or opposing Christianity.

    Seriously guys, to each their own. An individual can believe whatever the hell they want as long as they don't cause any harm to others. Or, if they take an action that has the potential to cause harm to another, they must have the prior rational consent of the other party.

    At least, that's what I think :D
  12. madcrappie

    madcrappie crazy fish

    who has ignored that??????not me. I for one am against mainstream christianity and all forms of organized religion........ but I think its quite hypoctritical for people like you to bash it all the time.

    there are alot of folks that believe in jesus and the ideals he stood for, yet dont believe in all that mainstream crap.

    SILVERWOLF_87 Member

    It's true that Christianity has a bloody past, and there's no denying that. However, that turmoil was directed by corrupt leaders within the church and carried out by the unquestioning followers.

    It's not the religion that causes the hate, it's the people within the religion that are hate-filled that causes the "harm to others".

    I have no respect for those that cause harm, and every bit of respect for those that avoid causing harm, regardless of their religion. The Christians that truly follow Christ's example have done much good in the world, and I admit that even though I am personally opposed to any form of religion (As far as I'm concerned, anything that builds its foundation on Faith is a fairytale).

    Just because I'm opposed to religion, doesn't mean I hate it however. More hate won't harbor more love in the world.
  14. snake sedrick

    snake sedrick Banned

    The teachings contained in the Bible do in fact cause hate towards groups such as gays, women, followers of pre-christian religions, and of course, 'sinners'. All are roundly condemned by the Bible and by many christians because that's where they get their ideas rather than thinking for themselves.

    The hate filled people within religions you mention are filled with hate because that's what religion has taught them.
  15. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    Those teachings are not in the bible, those teachings are interpertions of the bible fed to people. Even in such extremes, the world is opening up its mind toward homosexuality, equal rights, and religious freedom.

    You must understand that not everyone is capable of thinking for themselves. People need guidence.
  16. J.I.

    J.I. WithYouInMyThoughts

    Are you saying that Christians are not capable of thinking for themselves?
    Cause this is not true..
  17. misterrain

    misterrain Banned

    The 'hatred' of gays is from the Old Testament, which is the Jewish part of the book. It's still something that's considered a 'sin' today, along with masturbation-- because it's 'spilling of seed'.

    Christiainity isn't about hate at all... it's about turning the other cheek, and 'not throwing the first stone'. It's a reformed vision of the harsher and less optimistic Old Testament... and a different view of God. It's far more about acceptance than it is about condemnation... I mean, Jesus died for everyone's sins, which includes gays, adulterers, EVERYONE.

    Jesus taught that everyone is a sinner... but that it's alright, because everyone will be forgiven... all they have to do is ASK him for forgiveness, and they will receive it.
  18. misterrain

    misterrain Banned

    That's not true. Anyone with a brain is capable of independent thought... it's not like it's this big exclusive thing. The real problem is that so many people are desperate to accuse other people of not being able to think for themselves, and not willing to see that EVERYONE is capable of independent thought. This is especially for Americans, who always seem pathologically obsessed with impressing people so that they can 'stand out in a crowd'... it's like this huge ego trip to say 'other people can't think for themselves'.

    Most of the time though, people just repeat what they watch on TV or read on the Internet. I really think everyone is guilty of that. Most of the people here don't even hate Christianity, because all they know of it is a couple of losers on TV and a bunch of extremely oversimplified media blurbs-- and this inanely and inaccurately simplistic view of the religion is what they hate. Or even more perversely, that they love!

    But 90 percent of the time, it's not even the religion-- it's the politics. Most people identify themselves more by their politics than by their religion. It's a matter of the guy on the right or the guy on the left, because America has a two-party system... and both parties need to have a certain set of values and opinions in order to win elections. Of course, this also limits how the American people CAN see themselves... it's always the one in red or the one in blue. The truth is, neither of them are what they seem to be...

    It's an all too familiar media scenario to have the right wing jew-bashing gay-hating anti-abortionist Christian vs. compassionate and freethinking intellectual. It's a cliche that the American people love, and the media knows this, so it repeats the formula ad nauseum... because it sparks tension, and without that tension, people will just tune out!!!!

    This is the same bullshit sensationalism that has caused FedUp to become such a presence on this site... not that he's any kind of freethinking intellectual with anything worthwhile to say (you could hardly call him that!), but because he has a nice simplistic and easy-to-follow black and white vision of the way things are, and refuses to admit there is any kind of grey area whatsoever.

    The result is a stupid, hateful and pointless set of posts which have done nothing but divide people while at all times discouraging anyone from actually trying to understand anything whatsoever about Christianity or Jesus or history or politics.
  19. madcrappie

    madcrappie crazy fish

    the only fool is one who argues with another fool :D
  20. madcrappie

    madcrappie crazy fish

    umm, wtf is that for???????? if anyone is acting like a troll it is you.

    you come to a christian forum to post nothing but attacks on christianity!

    be gone troll!

    if anyone goes through all your recent posts, you do nothing but hang out here and make anti christian posts. and you do nothing but incite arguments.

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