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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by HippyLove, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. HippyLove

    HippyLove Visitor

    So my sister was suppose to leave for bootcamp this week. She was in Beckley wednesday and Thursday was gonna fly out to Missouri for basic training. Notice I said "was suppose to". Well my sister is a lesbian and and the Army still doesn't allow gays (why I don't know) but they have a 'don't ask don't tell' kinda policy. She had letters from her "boyfriend" and one of her guys friends had even given her a picture to use as her "boyfriend". So she is at the hotel in Beckley and gets a call "Sorry... we have found out you are gay" Some asshole preacher (who is also a parent of a kid who was in the band with my sister) felt it necessary to out her to the Army to keep her from going in. He ruined her life. She didn't apply to colleges or for scholarships because the Army was gonna take care of all that. So now she has nothing because that guy decided to be a prick. I am soooo pissed off... yet another reason why I don't believe in the church
  2. Zoomie

    Zoomie My mom is dead, ok?

    I'd sue. Could set a precedent that would protect others from being outed by Christian Right Wing assholes. And put some tuition in her pocket.
  3. HippyLove

    HippyLove Visitor

    I was thinking that... like a defamation of character... but I dunno if it would fly. I mean because she IS gay and isn't ashamed so a lot of people know.
  4. Bellfire01

    Bellfire01 I'll say anything

    Wow, I don't like what he did at all but I'm glad she's not going because she could have been hurt.
  5. Zoomie

    Zoomie My mom is dead, ok?

    OK, your sister is gay. Fact.

    The US Army DOES allow homosexuals in as long as it is not common knowledge. Fact.

    If a third party interloper outed her, she can sue for loss of employment, loss of education benefits, loss of medical benefits, etc.

    Just don't do it in WV. Tell her to move to Prince Georges County, MD and get a Gay Rights attorney from DC.
  6. HippyLove

    HippyLove Visitor

    I have already decided that I am gonna have words with this guy... I am just debating if I wanna go sunday when he is preaching and show his church what kind of a preacher they have or if I just wanna get in his face and tell him where to stick his 'holier than thou' attitude
  7. icedteapriestess

    icedteapriestess linguistic freak

    some of those people you hope to offend by speaking up at church would probably approve of his actions.

    The preacher is an ass, and he will get his someday. But is it really your job to "smite him down"?

    Maybe he saved your sisters life while ruining it?
  8. Zoomie

    Zoomie My mom is dead, ok?

    The only thing more important than choosing your battles carefully is choosing your battlefields MORE carefully. Bad idea.
  9. HippyLove

    HippyLove Visitor

    She was only going reserves. It was none of his business. She now can't go to school b/c we can't afford it. It just makes me so mad that someone would even think that would be right. I mean what kind of person just ruins somebody elses life and future b/c they don't agree with their lifestyle... argh i'm just so upset about it all.
  10. stinkfoot

    stinkfoot truth

    Perhaps a sit-down with a civil rights lawyer and the media could go a ways toward remedying the situation and outing the preacher for the lack of character he is. Loud, vocal protests at his church ought to have a deterrent effect toward his congregation if knowledge of his complete lack of character doesn't dissuade them from active participation in his hate-cult.
  11. HippyLove

    HippyLove Visitor

    I was actually just contemplating what it would take to get something in the news about it here. I mean 2 years ago they had a big news story about my sisters school not letting two girls go to prom together so I could probably get them to do something.
  12. stinkfoot

    stinkfoot truth

    Good luck with whatever you do. This just adds fuel to my distrust of religious zealots.
  13. icedteapriestess

    icedteapriestess linguistic freak

    Right-wing fundamentalists and the over zealous religious freaks.... your preacher friend probably falls into both catagories, as does probably half of his congregation.

    Do you go to this church? What does he usually preach? If he usually preaches "fire and brimstone" type shit, then chances are his congregation will approve of his behavior. If he usually preaches tolerance and acceptance, then his congregation will probably not approve. Know thy enemy... especially before dropping a war on his church doorstep.

    What is your sister's reaction to all of this? I mean, there is private outrage and then there is the kind of outrage that the media can be alerted to. Being open about being gay is one thing... being plastered all over the media as a poster-child for being gay is another.
  14. YankNBurn

    YankNBurn Owner

    okay no offense here but the story does not quite fly for me for 2 reasons.

    (1) A preacher would loose his position for talking to an outside the church party about another, they have the same guidelines as that of the medical community about information.

    (2) The military would not just take the word of a single outside source without a proper investigation. If that were the case then could you imagine how many people could be ousted from the military based on rumor. She would have had to sustain the story for them and thats if they even brought it up to her in the first place. The dont ask dont tell policy is just that, you have to sustain your sexual preference not another stating it for you. Its not the boy scouts!

    Sorry but perhaps those who have no idea would not question this but I have alot of information in this area and no Im not into the church scene but have a few leaders of churches as friends. If the congregation found out as well as his charter for his church that he went around and did this he would be gone so fast and loose his ability to ever function as a pastor/preacher/deacon/elder ect in the church. He could remain a member but thats it.
  15. HippyLove

    HippyLove Visitor

    we do not go to church. So we are not part of his congregation. And they would not have investigated anything had he not called them up and said something about it. He knows because my sister is not shy about being gay. She was in marching band with his son.
  16. hippychickmommy

    hippychickmommy Sugar and Spice

    That is absolutely ridiculous! I can't believe that they can get away with discriminating against someone willing to serve simply because of their sexual preference. Ugghhh, that's just plain wrong.

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