This is related to the Qualcomm deal, averting WWWIII

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    Technology allows us to re-identify the source of human life as our onto-genetic alien fore-bearers once practiced on various indigenous populations of heretofore innocent bystanders: examples of this are the 1979 classic, the China Syndrome, which was an allegory for the methodical Raping of Nankin by Japanese Imperial Dragons, for their innability to conform to NAZI TECHNOLOGY.

    My passover symbol is baced on re-asserting the ancient zin and zang of the Kyogoru kingdom, which little known to many world sociologiests was the predecessor to the now famous ebba nd flow of the yin and gang , a mere drop of salt in the heartland of SEOUL.

    Look at the QualComm deal, many world bankers were planning on using this technology to replace the manufacturing base on TAIWAN, which most certainly would have led to CHINESE OCCUPATION OF TAIWAN.

    This reliance on technology would definitely have led to a GRAVITY CREDIT CRISIS, as most good maritime historians have admitted is based on the demi-urge vortex generated in the bowels of the ASIAN BERMUDA {right across the way from the regular bermuda, by the way}.

    COULD this potential meltdown in the SOUTH CHINA SEA be averted by technology. Possibly

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