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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by maryfairy, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. maryfairy

    maryfairy flower

    but my best friend and i have recently begun to add benefits to our friendship. the first time we just made out and he held me. then yesterday we made out again and he sucked on one of my tits and rubbed my pussy while we made out. and he got hard and tried to take off my pants but i wouldn't let him (i was on my period and i find that gross). but i asked him to come over next week and i plan on fucking him but i'm a virgin and i'm scared i won't be good enough. do any of you have any tips?
  2. moonshyne

    moonshyne Approved by the FDA

    Does he know your a virgin?

    just do what you'd do if you were making out, only naked.
  3. maryfairy

    maryfairy flower

    well i haven't just gone and told him but he knows me better than anyone else so he's probably figured it out. should i tell him?
  4. moonshyne

    moonshyne Approved by the FDA

    If you plan on getting with him for real, you should probably go ahead and let him know....just in case.

    It didn't hurt when I lost my viginity, but I've heard most other girls say it it, and both of you should be prepared in case your one of the girls that hurt. Not to scare you or anything, but you don't want him on top of you sticking it in and suddenly have pain. If he doesn't know your a virgin, then he'll might try to just put it up in there, instead of going slowly to make sure your okay and not hurting.
  5. Alomiakoda

    Alomiakoda Boniface McSporran

    It hurts...quite a lot

    Tell him and it'll be easier if he knows...
  6. GreenMan

    GreenMan Member

    I realize that you may only want other women to post on your topic - so hope this does not bother you. But I can say that when I made love to a virgin for our first time - I was aware of the situation and it made a big difference for me. Like Moonshyne says, it will help him know how to handle it gently. For me and my girl, it hurt, so it has to be taken very slow. It will not matter to him that it's your first time. In fact it might make him feel closer to you, knowing that you have chosen him to be your first in that way. I'd talk with him - really, it's not a big deal for most guys. I thought it was a really, really special thing when I was the chosen one.
  7. maryfairy

    maryfairy flower

    thank you. i don't care that your a guy. in fact, guys input is always welcome.

    and thank you all. i was really embarressed to ask about this stuff but you all have been very kind.
  8. peaceful420

    peaceful420 Member

    I fucked a guy for the first time last night, and it didn't really hurt. He was just boring and I didn't like him, so it really wasn't that fun. Make sure he turns you on, otherwise it'll just seem like a waste of time. Just try to have fun. If you don't wanna do it, don't. Do let him know that you're a virgin. I let this guy know, and it was a lot better. He was really nice about it and I didn't even know him. Telling him will really make a difference. I hope he feels like it's a good thing to be your first. You'll always remember your first time. It's not about being "a good fuck", it's about having fun. Don't worry about it hurting; I've heard stories from chicks and everyone's different. Just tell him you're a virgin. Bottom line: Have fun with it!
  9. Sebbi

    Sebbi Senior Member

    It didn't for my girlfriend, but then I'm not sure about her hymen.

    Anyways what I suggest is just to be gentle, get him to come out as soon as it starts hurting, then once he's completely out get him back in, repeat until rampant.

    Seriously, this isn't as tedious as it sounds.


  10. cbrmale

    cbrmale Member

    I've only ever been with a Virgin once, but she told me before and I knew what to expect. It hurt her the first time, and it wasn't so good for either of us. The second time was much better...

    It is better he knows, because he will know what to expect.
  11. novaboy

    novaboy Member

    Can I throw a twist into this?? I'm new to this board, so I hope I'm not out of line. I do not know all the rules to this site yet.

    My wife and I have been married for 1 year and 7 months. We were both virgins when we got married (we're 26 and 25 now). To this day, I still cannot get my dick in her hardly at all!! She orgasms very quickly the second I start rubbing her clit though, so thats good. We've tried Astroglide, KY, but nothing seems to work. Its not that its just tight, it just seems like I hit a brick wall in her everytime my head is almost all the way in. We tried her being on top the past few days and she loves it!! In the past she demanded that I be on top ccause "Its the only way it will get in there". The problem still is that I cannot get in her. She's a little sheepish about just spreadin em wide and letting me lube up and stick it in her. It has to be us kissing and holding eachother while we're trying.

    Another thing that might be a problem is that she's always trying to put my dick in toward the front of her vagina, and I can clearly see that the largest portion of the hole is toward the butt, but then she thinks I'm going to put it up her butt.

    She is completely against my fingers feeling around up there and will have nothing to do with that.

    I'm starting to wonder if she even has a hole!! LOL

    She has put a tampon up there twice before, but it hurt too much for her to keep it in there.

    Any ideas????!!
  12. PureInnocence

    PureInnocence Member

    Deffinately tell him. And if he has a large dick is more likely to hurt. Your vigina will need to be stretched. And what peaceful said about making sure you're with someone you trust is soo important. You do remember your first time forever.
  13. why i can't remeber mine then?
  14. PureInnocence

    PureInnocence Member

    lol, alright then, not everyone does. I know I will! And every women I've talked to told me they remember.... Well, except Miss Tambourine Girl now!
  15. AutumnAuburn

    AutumnAuburn Senior Member

    I would tell him that you are a virgin. That way he (hopefully) will be gentle with you. Also, try to keep relaxed, the more tense you are, the more it will hurt. But, hopefully it will start to feel good, soon after the initial insertion. :)
  16. moonshyne

    moonshyne Approved by the FDA

    Novaboy, has your wife been to a GYN yet? It sounds like it might be a physical problem.

    It seems like y'all have a somewhat strange sexual relationship (no insults intended) if she won't let you look down there, and you have to be kissing the entire time. It sounds like she watches too many soap operas or something and has this false image of what sex is really like.

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