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Discussion in 'Agnosticism and Atheism' started by Occam, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Occam

    Occam Old bag of dreams

    You kids need to QUESTION
    If u dont. U are damned.
    And this world becomes the hell some other world dreamt of.

  2. Occam

    Occam Old bag of dreams

    Sorry.. occam is an idiot.
  3. bamboo

    bamboo Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    The first thing that you have posted that I disagree with.
  4. Occam

    Occam Old bag of dreams


    LOL..Well that was unexpected.
    Unfortunately occam started the thread after too much bourbon
    [or not enough] which often results in rhetorical statements
    of little worth. [Thus the thread title]

    There seems to be a big thing at the moment 'for' athiesm.
    And while occam totally supports the inherent rights of others to think whatever they damn well please. It is somewhat depressing that so many seem to have abandoned rational method in the last moments of rationally rejecting ridiculous human ideas about a possible god..

    To state flatly that 'there is no god'
    is just as ridiculous as some bible thumper saying you or u or u will burn in hell forever for not having blind faith in some 10 times retranslated mythos.

    As the existance of 'a god' is possible
    But the possibillity of any human 'knowing' if such exists is not possible.
    [that is, if said being is not inclined to reveal itself or is busy elsewhere]

    Then the statement 'there is no god' is NOT based on ones physical abillity to know such a thing.
    It is based on one WANTING to believe such.
    Which is EXACTLY what atheists reject in theists. Thus they become them.

  5. Ozy

    Ozy Member

    yes, but why does occam refer to himself in the 3rd person??
  6. Occam

    Occam Old bag of dreams

    It is not possible for occam to talk about himself in the 3rd person.
    He can only speak of himself in the 1st.
    What he calls himself is his choice.
    not yours.

  7. Ozy

    Ozy Member

    please look at this:

    its possible you have a dissociative personality disorder or even schizophrenia.

    yes, exactly.

    good luck in getting the help you need.
  8. thumontico

    thumontico Member

    you have failed to show the value in acknowledging the possible existence of a god that is not inclined to reveal itself or is busy elsewere or has no actual effect on my life.
  9. Occam

    Occam Old bag of dreams

    Dear Ozy

    Most all of you have had to contend with control freaks. These are those people who insist on having their way in all interactions with you. They wish to set the agenda and decide what it is you will do and when you will do it. You know who they are – they have a driving need to run the show and call the shots. Lurking within the fabric of the conversation is the clear threat that if you do not accede to their needs and demands, they will be unhappy. [like,, telling people how to speak]

    Certainly, it’s natural to want to be in control of your life. But when you have to be in control of the people around you as well, when you literally can’t rest until you get your way … you have a personality disorder. While it’s not a diagnostic category found in the DSM IV (the therapist’s bible for diagnostic purposes) an exaggerated emphasis on control is part of a cluster of behaviors that can be labeled as compulsive generally characterized by perfectionism, orderliness, workaholic tendencies, an inability to make commitments or to trust others and a fear of having their flaws exposed. Deep down, these people are terrified of being vulnerable. They believe they can protect themselves by staying in control of every aspect of their lives, including their relationships. Control freaks take the need and urge to control to new heights, causing others stress so they can maintain a sense of order. These people are riddled with anxiety, fear, insecurity, and anger. They’re very critical of themselves their lover and their friends, but underneath that perfect outfit and great body is a mountain of unhappiness. Let’s look at what makes control freaks tick, what makes you want to explode, and some ways to deal with them.
    [by Thomas J. Schumacher, Psy.D., R-CSW]
  10. Occam

    Occam Old bag of dreams


    You've got it backwards.
    You. have failed to show the value of not acknowledging such.

    The recently discoverd galaxies at Z~1 had no actual effect on your life
    before they were discovered or now that they are.
    Would you have said that there was no value in acknowledging their
    possible existance before they were discovered.
    Are u saying..some information is useless?

    As far a occam understands.. NO information is useless.
    And to deny a logical possibillity is the willfull embracing of ignorance.

  11. thumontico

    thumontico Member

    Yes a whole lot of information is useless. the discovery of a galaxy is interesting, but it is doesnt effect my life or my beliefs.

    maybe if it was the the FIRST galaxy other than our own to be discovered. and then only if i believed that earth was the center of the universe or something.

    why dont you ever give me a straight answer
  12. thumontico

    thumontico Member

    and im not denying a logical possibillity, i acknowledge that there is possibly something i am unaware of... i just dont see the point of worrying about it.
  13. Occam

    Occam Old bag of dreams

    The answer is this

    The concept of 'a god' is logically possible
    It is possible there is no god
    It is possible there is

    As humans do not at this time have verification for or against the concept
    We cannot show there is 'a god'
    We cannot show there is not.

    Then the question remains 'open'. And thus agnosticism is the only logical position.
    Occam sees no fault in this chain of thinking.
    And it has no 'effect' other than what it is.. A position on an rational question.
    There is no 'worrying' involved in it anywhere.
    Occam just likes to think. [about things, or should occam only think about what you think he should think about]

    Thats about as straight as it gets

  14. Ozy

    Ozy Member

    waaaaaay too much black in that post. had to skim through it.

    the gist of it is: I never told you what to do. you assumed, based on some irrational fear/paranoia that i was attempting to control your words, but all i did was ask:

    so LO-F-ing-L at your assumption. [​IMG]

    but have a good day.

    im not your stepping stone.
  15. Occam

    Occam Old bag of dreams

    U asked question

    Occam replied that he calls himself what he wishes.
    You coud'nt let go control
    So U replied occam had mental disorder.
    Occam pointed out control problem in humans and did so for the mental disorder post.
    [which it seems is conveniently forgotten in your above post]
    Not the original question.

    So LO-F-ing-L at your assumption. [​IMG]

  16. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    monkeys on a pendulum. it swings one way and everything has to be litteraly how some priest says. it swings another way and there can't possibly be any sort of god or gods at all.

    themnax does not need the drama and trama of popular pendulums.

    themnax opens eyes, looks around, what does he see? a universe bigger then small minds that immagine nothing can exist without their knowing it.

  17. Occam

    Occam Old bag of dreams


    Welcome have u been?..what can occam say but..
    exactly. once again u cut to the core while occam does a political
    dance waving reason and logic in each hand.

  18. FreakyJoeMan

    FreakyJoeMan 100% Batshit Insane

    No information is ever useless. There is only pertinent and impertinent, according to the current situation. I like to believe that every single smigeon of information as been employed at some time in Earths' history for positive results; if that even makes sense. No, the discovery of a galaxy in Z~1 is currently not importent to you, but in the future it could be exeedingly important to someone else, or even the whole of humanity. 'S all about context.
  19. FreakyJoeMan

    FreakyJoeMan 100% Batshit Insane

    Also, stop knockin on occam cuz he refers to himself in the 3rd person. 'S disrespectful.
  20. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    if i had to live (in the same house) with anyone, i would probably rather it be occam, then anyone i ever have or currently do. in an ideal world i would not have to live with anyone of course, nor would i be doing so.


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