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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by We_All_Shine_On, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. We_All_Shine_On

    We_All_Shine_On Senior Member

    I am wondering if it is possible to say anything un stoner or anti pot on the marijuana forum without having angry stoners attack out of secret guilt. I am wondering if we can breathe AIR for a moment and hold our tempers and not have angry replies to this. To tell you right now leaving angry posts like:
    "Oh you suck you anti smoker! Dont come on here and preach to me about your holiness! Theres nothing wrong with pot (insert link from some no credit journalist who is pro pot and take his words as gospel) I dont care bla bla bla as I recall you used to smoke you hypocrite!!!!" no point in attacking me.. I mean, I wonder why it is that you jump ALL OVER someone who isnt pro your-choices.. is it that you need to raise something pro-pot on your shoulders because it is so uncommon and it makes you feel better about your habits?
    Or is it because there truly is nothing wrong with pot growing/smoking and it really shouldn't be illegal, its it's been such a waste throwing ppl in jail for it....
    ( I am undecided myself on the subject. ppl shouldnt be punished for what is legal in other places, then again bad shit can happen when people are allowed to drink.. so isnt smoking like unlocking the caged tiger?)
    I just wanted to ask you guys, through the smoke haze in front of your screen,(that was directed at the less thinking, mroe smoking angry fist raised stoners) can you see that this is the marijuana forum, not the PRO MARIJUANA forum.... we arent here to make it seem fine to break the law (however stupid and incorrect the law may be) we are here to discuss a plant and it's effects, not on your mind (get outside yourselves) but on society.... try to think oustide to hotbox...
    {[ I think if you're really insulted by this you have a problem, because I was talking about marijuana, not you and You MUST HAVE BECOME marijuana or made it a part of you for you to feel "it's" pain... thats called addiction.... why cant you separate yourself from it?]}
    guys, I smoked and I had TONNES of fun, I smoked indoors and out, wake and bake, you name it , I've done alot of different kinds of drugs, and im not saying 'thats my past and my future is better' I dont think you can really compare drugs to a 'drug less' life... apples and oranges... im not condescending, im not calling you wrong (when I say you im referring to the you with some sanity left) I am just simply wondering if it is possible to post something others disagree with and not get attacked for it... AND to see if anyone can change their mind for five minutes, go my way, and discuss it with me.... or if all hope is lost for the marijuana forum....
    does anyone see what i mean? logical and founded replies totally disagreeing are wholeheartedly welcome... let's argue :)
  2. Jointman69

    Jointman69 High Nigga Pie

    well, damn that was lengthy

    you have valid points(i used to be one of the upraised assholes here) but you have to look at the threads to really understand the forum, we are a tight-knit cliq who all loves MJ and despise the laws the prevent us from having more fun with it. I'm not offended by your post in the least because most of it sound thought out and educated (they arent all no credit journalists) but you would have to look at each and everyone of the threads that are anit-pot in here, some people come in here and say "why smoke pot, when it is illegal?" and are nice and polite while others come in and say "you fuckin potheads are stupid lazy shits who have no future" a pothead so i take offense to that so most likely im gonna get pissed off and say sumthin as angry and retarded right back to em.
  3. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    hahaha :D thanks for the laugh, i greatly appreciate it.

    are you getting this upset cause i said i wouldnt listen to anything that someone says cause they have a courtney love pic in their sig :D
    I tried reading what you wrote but it was jibberish and really didnt make a whole lot of sense..
    Next time, brainstorm what you are going to write your speech about, might help in the long run..
  4. miami musician

    miami musician Senior Member

    tell you the truth we_all_shine_on, i don't see a point that you were getting at there. don't get me wrong, i am not disagreeing with you... for that matter, i'm not agreeing with you either. :p i just don't see what there is to be in agreement with in your statement. i understand that we all must try to be open minded when talking about pot, but then again you have to realize there are alot of teens who frequent the marijuana forums also, who don't take time to notice the bigger picture... instead of thinking how pot affects the world around us, many of them are only interested in the effects on them and their peers. ok, i'm getting lost myself here, time for another bowl. :)
  5. sugarmaggie

    sugarmaggie ~Green Eyed Devil~

    What was the question again? :D
  6. Peace Attack

    Peace Attack Make War

    What the fuck are you trying to say? Your post was as pointless as the ones that say "Man I'm soooo stoned right now", except you wen't even a little amusing....
  7. this is a free speech forum. not that all speech is always accepted, but on the forums you can talk against the system, against what society accepts. im not gonna angry attack if you say something anti-cannabis, same with most people, but anti-cannabis feelings arent usually gonna be accepted by some people. i personnaly dont care what people say, because i care about my opinions, not what some say.
  8. :confused::D:rolleyes:

    my emotions (in that order)
  9. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    sounds like she was baked when she wrote that term paper there :D
    it didnt make any sense whatsoever...
  10. TrippinBTM

    TrippinBTM Ramblin' Man

    First, this forum isn't just pro pot, you're right. But it's also not ONLY for talking about weed and it's effects on society. You're wrong to say it isn't about marijuana's effects on the mind. This forum is for all of that and more.

    Second, you are being very insulting to the smokers here then try to say "i'm not insulting you, i'm just talking about marijuana."

    I mean, look at the stupid assumptions you're throwing out there:

    "{[ I think if you're really insulted by this you have a problem, because I was talking about marijuana, not you and You MUST HAVE BECOME marijuana or made it a part of you for you to feel "it's" pain... thats called addiction.... why cant you separate yourself from it?]}"

    Now, to address the question (which you buried quite well with bullshit). I think people get upset when people come in here all anti-pot because the shit we have to deal with. Marijuana is not the dangerous drug it was made out to be, and we are trying to change the climate of thought in this country about it. I mean, weed being illegal is about as stupid as alcohol being illegal; can you imagine being arrested for having a beer (assuming you're of age)? It's folly to try to legislate such things, especially when a LARGE portion of society wants to use it (it was stupid for alcohol, and it's stupid for weed). Yet we have to deal with the constant threat of being haulled off to jail for smoking a plant. So yeah, we might be a bit touchy about it.
  11. Fallen_stars

    Fallen_stars Member

    I'll add that every anti-pot messages that have been post here were insulting ('stupid pot-head go fuck yourself') and pointless ( no valid arguments)...If someone comes and talk with objectivity about the bad sides of cannabis (in my thought there is not a lot but...) I will not get upset. But in majority it's not the case, anti-pot peoples just seem to be frustrated and jealous about the fact that we have fun with that beautiful plant or maybe they are not enough intelligent to make a full sentence....I dont' know... :D
  12. snelio37

    snelio37 Member

    i completely missed whatever the hell she was getting at. it's like she was always leading up to something, she just never got there.
  13. gottssunfire

    gottssunfire Member

    The way I look at it is like this;
    Anyone who goes into the Gay and Lesbian forum screaming, "I FUCKIN' HATE FAGZ! DIE DIE DIE!" can expect to be summarily told to fuck off. Why? Because after about the 5th time someone has rationally tried to explain themselves they get sick of justifying their lifestyle to every ignorant fucktard that comes along.

    The exact same thing applies to this forum. Everyone who posts here has heard the propaganda before, and is tired of it, so rather than present a calm rebuttal to every attack on our lifestyle, we tell the person to leave us alone or go to hell.
  14. element7

    element7 Random fool

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and go deeper into the root of cannabis illegal. It was a racist decision to begin with. Many of the Jazz musicians (summarily the really talented ones) were black and smoked herb. Also the Mexicans crossing the borders brought along the weed. Cannabis has existed in societies outside of the W.A.S.P realm for hundreds of years. When it was seen that such other races were having one hell of a good time as well as influencing society through their creativity, it was deemed 'bad' and summarily associated with harder drugs like morphine/heroin/opium. Which btw, one can thank the red cross, the waves, and honest doctors for large numbers of opiate addictions resulting from WWI and II. They didn't know any better. Problem was the real travesty of addiction that resulted. Suddenly you had good ol' Johnny freakin' out for a fix after the war. The society of White culture at the time could not, would not blame themselves for such a fuck up. We made it a 'Financial issue' and turned it over to the Treasury department. Typical non sequiter bullshit. So, seeing as how the whites controlled the majority of the cash flow, the powers that existed as controlling focused on duping the rest of the of the wasps into believing Marijuana was associated with the horrible dirge of real true addiction. It was a straight out LIE designed to maintain some sort of social boundary through the flow of capital. To this day the LIE continues. Yes, as sad as it is, we still have very racist policy makers.

    I really respect TrippinBTM's grasp of the world and knowledge in general and I'd love to see a real debate over the pros and cons of Marijuana criminalization sometime soon that would involve some of the more knowledgable people on this forum, whether you be for or against the legalization of the herb. Bring it on man, but please, concert your ideals into something a little more understandable.

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