This dream is bugging me -- Help?

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by AnotherBrokenMirror, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. So, I had a dream last night, and I'm so confused.

    A little background:
    The guy in it is this guy I've been talking to for a while and am really close to.
    I'm kinda confused about how I feel about him: do I like him or love him, y'know?
    The other girl is another person I've been talking to whom also talks to the guy.
    I admit I get a bit jealous when they're talking and I'm not there.

    So, the dream started at some waterpark place, and a group of people arrive, and the guy is in the crowd.
    But he's ignoring me, or doesn't see me, and I can't find him anywhere.
    That's how I spend most of the dream: looking for him in this huge building full of peope.
    Then it suddenly changes, and I'm in a hotel room, sitting in a chair.
    On the floor is the guy and the other girl.
    We're all watching tv, but I look down and they're kissing.
    I look away, and she just gets up an leaves.
    So I sit on the ground next to him, and he kisses me, just a little peck, and he smiles and pulls me close to him and we watch the tv.
    And that's it.

    Anybody know what it could mean?
  2. Ecomancer

    Ecomancer Member

    It sounds like a dream that pans out the emotional triangle you just described, with no deeper content.

    If it helps, water in dreams symbolizes emotion, so a setting like a "waterpark" denotes the highly emotional situation you feel surrounding this fellow. It has some elements of the classic chase dream, symbolizing the obstructions and limitations to attaining the "object". In general, "a bunch of people" that cannot be identified signifies some emotional clutter within yourself, if the people are an obstruction.

    To dream of a hotel suggests a moment of transition. Sitting in a chair literally means that the dreamer is idle. You may not know how to proceed if the first scenario -- the boy loving the girl -- is true. You then act out the more ideal scenario, and the televiewing denotes openness to the new channels of venture, after finding a new love.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Thanks. That makes a lot of sense. ^^

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