This buds for you Tiedye

Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing' started by meangreen, Jan 18, 2005.

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    Tiedye,this buds for you! NYCD @ 68 days,their life ends this weekend.

    one of the containers

    another container

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    daaaaaaaammmmnnnnn da da dude, lookin real nice.
    you grew all that for me whoo hoo=robin says she'll pay the postage l.o.l.

    hey=no really; i started using this one container,the first time was 6 columbians, and now it has two humbolt, a kush, and an unknown thai or columbian[once it begins budding it's distingushable easier].
    but the ones in the containers seem to just be healthier and get fatter buds.
    not five minutes ago i was counting how many containers it would take to fill the room. hmmm-
    but the growbags are not doing too bad at all, and i really like the convenience of them, you can really cram them growbags in there. the three to five gallon sizes seem to be best.
    seems like this run is primarily humbolt or kush,some thai, mutants, and the last of my sativa pheno columbians. the columbians are getting ejected as soon as they start budding. most of these were going to be perpetual harvests. when i upgraded my system i took the veg timer out and the divider.all of these went to 12/12 on jan.9.
    the one on the left under the fan is the kush mom i was using- the lone survivor of the summer. she was a little sick so i repotted her into a five gallon growbag and gave her lots of cusine- stuck her into 12/12 sometime in dec.she is looking very sticky .

    the buds that are forming under the new system are huge,this wave is gonna rock.i am watching my thai's very close because you had problems, so far mine hasn't. maybe i got lucky but i got my eye on like- sorry about that, and thanks fer the warning.thai=front and center of the last
    pic.nlxkush=left rear under fan. the young ones are primarily kush and humbolt.
    here's pics.

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