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Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by illumincoalitional, May 9, 2007.

  1. From the U.S, after working for 6 months on setting my mother up so she can financially be secure in her apartment & finishing that task, I have now been thinking of just taking off some where warm like New Zealand, to test the waters for 6 months -1 year.

    I figure I'd have roughly 1,100 U.S dollars by the end of this month. Anyway a guy can successfully move to New Zealand with $1,100, get set up in a cheap apartment, job etc?

    I'd figure I could get cheap airfare that would cost me around $200-$300.

    Not sure how Visa's work.

    Not sure how much a studio apartment or flat cost there either.

    Is it hard to find work in New Zealand?

    Would it be easier just to head to Australia?
  2. Tosca

    Tosca Member

    Well, I'm only fifteen, but I applied for about five jobs, heard back from three of them within about two weeks. I'd say it's pretty easy to get a job here, but I work in a supermarket and teach piano. n_n

    Most flats or whatever around here are about $NZ100-150 a week.

    I'd say move to New Zealand, it's an AWESOME place. I live in New Plymouth and I love it.
  3. ghost of rat

    ghost of rat Senior Member

    somewhere warm? Its not that warm over here but its a beautiful country. It depends where you want to move to. In the big, well biggest citys -Auckland and Wellington appartments go for about 250 Nz$ thats like 400-450 US$ (rough estimate), and yeah you should be able to get a job.
    As for Australia well many people say Aus is way better than NZ but i dunno.
  4. ghost of rat

    ghost of rat Senior Member

    whoops, Sorry my calculations are wrong. 250$ nz thats like 150$ US.
  5. sonik

    sonik Member

    Damn American Dollar falling...

    I was thinking of packing up shop and heading over that way as well. perhaps christchurch area.

    If I had 10,000 NZ$ you think I could set up shop easily enough?
  6. HippyChicky

    HippyChicky Member

    I love NZ. I spent about a month in Queensland back in 2000. I would have loved to have moved there, and even spoke to some of the locals about it. No such luck. As I understand it NZ has about the toughest immigration policies in the world.

    Prolly has to, or everyone would want to live there. :)
  7. sonik

    sonik Member

    What if you are part of the commonwealth?
  8. ubuntumaster

    ubuntumaster Member

    They are not that tough, just a bit slow (and a bit expensive) in processing the applications.

    nm (

  9. whichaxe

    whichaxe Member

    Cost of living is lower, making it fairly easy.... If you are under 30 and can provide a valued occupation (as listed on the immigration NZ website), they'll pretty much hand you a visa.
  10. karenvaz13

    karenvaz13 Member

    U from NZ ???

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