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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by snoopdogg, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. snoopdogg

    snoopdogg Member

    hey guys i was wondering wat kind of piece should i get? it will b my first and only piece so take that into account. also, i want to keep the price to a minimum but i can split the price with my friend. thx
  2. TheShow

    TheShow Senior Member

    I wouldn't split it with a pal. You two will not always be together and there will be nights where you want it at Joe's and he wants it at Suzie's, buy your own. Glass is great, I've had many glass pieces. HOwever, the downside in my opinion is the price for most quality glass. Also the durability of most glass pieces just isn't very high. In addition to my glass collection, I feel a proto pipe is almost necessary. I've had one for about 4 years and I love it. Although I just bought a new one this morning since I lost my other one last fall. Proto pipes are 15-35 depending on your location.
  3. EnterTheFarside

    EnterTheFarside the cats pajamas

    get a small hand-held bowl.

    your typical bowl should be under 40, depending on color, size and decorations.

    bowl is the starter peice. youll need one so you can smoke, travel, and conceal with it. After you get your bowl, id go for something water-friendly.

    and im with Show on the not sharing the cost with anyone.
  4. 40oz and chronic

    40oz and chronic 'Nuff Said

    woah, i didnt know the cost depended on color too. huh...i guess i learn something new everyday
  5. WhisperingWoods

    WhisperingWoods too far gone

    I bought a cool little bubbler for 35 bucks in muskegon this last weekend. It's nice.. yes, it's a bubbler. I like.
  6. Drakk420

    Drakk420 Member

    Yeah, certain sticks of colored glass are more/less expensive, and blowers can alter the price depending on that too.
  7. towelie21

    towelie21 Member

    i say get a little glass spoon. you can get cool ones from headshops for like 25. it will serve you well til you want to try something different
  8. zeppelin kid

    zeppelin kid Member

    40 dollars at most.
  9. nesta

    nesta Banned

    you can get a nice, versatile glass bat for $10-25 easily. something around $15-20 that isn't too ornate will be your best bet. affordable enough that it can be pitched in a tight situation and you wont be out too much money....small enough to fit in a pocket (comfortably) with a big enough bowlpack you can smoke it with friends (unlike a metal one-hitter)

    remember if you want it to be bigger though, the more ornate it is the smaller a peice is likely to be in the same price a less decorated pipe will be cheaper than a fancy one of the same size

    if you're looking at actual bowls, you can expect to pay anywhere from $25-40 for a nice small bowl. bigger ones cost much more. i have a $55 spoon, a $65 dollar bubbler, and a $180 dollar vaporizer....they all work very well, and i dont think they're rip offs....but my $10 wooden chillum and $4 one-hitter get me stoned, too, they're just not nearly as nice...

    you get what you pay for...

    this pic is from an online glass merchant, and costs like 18 bucks...this type of glass bat would be absolutely ideal as far as versatility and convenience is concerned. keep in mind that due to the straight pipe design, you have to smoke out of it a couply times to break it in....until its a little bit resonated, it may have a tendency to ash in your mouth unless you're smoking very high quality pot (stickier, moister, stays in place better and forms a sturdier ash)
    its not too big a bowl to smoke alone, but its big enough you dont have to repack THAT many more times than you would smoking a bigger pipe with friends. smaller bowls help conserve pot, too. this type of pipe is very easily concealed and is cleaned quickly and easily.
  10. snoopdogg

    snoopdogg Member

    Ok ive decieded with your help that i should get a glass pipe, but wat kind should i get? ive narrowed it down to a spoon, a bubbler and a hammer. can anyone list the pros and cons of these?
  11. peacelovebarefeet

    peacelovebarefeet BuRniN oNe...

    GET A BONG!!!

    and DAnger Doom.. fuck eyah!
  12. snoopdogg

    snoopdogg Member

    i have to agree, MF doom is a beast
  13. My friend has spent so much money of glass. He some how finds a way to accidentally break everyone he gets before I get to try it. He calls me up on a thursday him--"Yo dude, I got this new bowl... it hits like a motherfucker."

    Saturday night... "yo where's that bowl you were tellin me about?" "What bowl? Oh yeah, my new one. I was high as shit and I was taking hit and I was going down the stairs and I busted my ass... and my bowl."
  14. Colours

    Colours Senior Member

    Id get a one hitter. Im thinking of buying one myself real soon. theyre pretty cheap and theyre real handy. Or you dont mind bringing a pipe along with you to smoke buy a nice looking pipe.
  15. tyc

    tyc Member

    cant go wrong with a spoon
  16. nesta

    nesta Banned

    if you don't take my advice to get a glass bat (aka a glass chillum, despite the big differences with most of these and actual chillums) then i'd DEFINITELY say a spoon. if it's your only piece it must be portable, and even a spoon is harder to get around than a bat, and a hammer is too bulky and a the water in a bubbler can be a problem at times, even if you can't forsee it.

    i still say a glass bat is best. you can get a really nice small one for a relatively small price, its the most versatile, the most portable....theres really no NEED to have any peice other than one of these. a nice small spoon is a very close second place, though.
  17. TopNotchStoner

    TopNotchStoner Georgia Homegrown

    I would get a bubbler. It is small, and it has all of the advantages of a bong.
  18. nesta

    nesta Banned

    it has most of the advantages of a bong, but also most of the disadvantages as well.

    it makes noise

    water can spill

    same amount of smoke with less water means much more concentrated and nastier "bongwater"

    most bubblers dont have slides, and they can frequently jam up with ashes due to the smaller diameter of the piping

    -if- you are living with parents, you have the problem of emptying and refilling the thing as needed. carrying it around WITH WATER IN IT is hard to do while effectively concealing it.

    if you want to take it someplace it's less likely to fit nicely in a cushioned pouch like a spoon will. if you carry it in your pocket, you need to not only empty the water but give it a long time to dry out completely if you want to avoid concentrated bongwater leaking into your pocket.......

    bubblers are great, and i love mine even though it has all these disadvantages.........

    but i wouldn't want it to be my only peice. if i had to have one and no other, it wouldn't be a bubbler....

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