There Is Hope Outside Your Window

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SvgGrdnBeauty, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. SvgGrdnBeauty

    SvgGrdnBeauty only connect

    There Is Hope Outside Your Window

    There is hope outside your window
    Hope like wind blowing in the trees
    Hope like laughing with all your friends
    Hope like walking barefoot through grass

    There is hope in each tomorrow
    Hope like holding each other tight
    Hope in every innocent soul
    The hope that will get us through night
  2. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

    sometimes, if we cease our struggling to hurry through the night, we will find the most beautiful affirmation, that of the inevitability of transformation. Every miniscule vibration works in unity to bear the sun upon its back. your contribution is appreciated.

    much love :)
  3. SvgGrdnBeauty

    SvgGrdnBeauty only connect

    Thank you for that..:)

    *Peace and Love*
  4. this is lovely to read

    hope,, what life would be if we gave up....
    how timid the human may become
    how hope may lead to another day even night.

    love n peace from saff
  5. the little fragments of hope like u, restore my faith in humainty! its good to see such things still exist amidst the chaos in life, i like the simplicity and coherency u convey :0)
    love xx

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