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Discussion in 'Maryland' started by livewildandfree, May 14, 2013.

  1. So here it is. I'm a 20 year old male living in southern maryland , going to be 21 in july I'm looking to find one or more people to join up with to embark on a journey of a lifetime. I want to live in the wild, not just a for a few months or a few years but for the rest of my life. I want to go south where it will be warm all year round so i wont have to worry about the winter cold and i wont have to pack a bunch of winter gear. Once i find someone, or some people if possible, we can talk about exact location and how to get there, but i am up for ideas about anywhere.
    I've recently obtained more and more necessary supplies. I have pretty much everything i need to surthrive, besides people to join me. It would be nice to have a female companion to be there with me through this journey though. It's not a necessity but i feel i would want someone there who i can love and express my emotions and feelings to and also have someone to be loved by, cuz who wouldn't want that. Also, it would be cool to have at least one brother to share the experience with. Maybe if he had a female companion too it would make a perfect group haha. But I'm pretty much down for anyone to join up really, i just want to be with people along the way. and no im not crazy just fed up with the way we are being FORCED to live. we live for the goverment not for ourselfs or anyone else. and i personally am tired of it. i can hunt, fish, trapp animals, and currently reading up on wild ediables.untill i can find a good place to settle down on fertile ground to farm latter on. i can build shelter and i can turn nothing into anything. im very smart and very down to earth.. so please i would love forsome to join me. either way i will be doing this. just would perfer company.

    So if you are down and ready to take the leap, or are just thinking about it and maybe have some questions then just send me a responce or leave a comment with email anything idk how this site works lol
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    damn dude, I would come but I am interested in doing this in the near future but I need to work for a little and and get the supplies I have started but I still need a lot of supplies, I have a list of what I need and I have being training my survival skills and getting read physically, but you said you wanted to go south I was thinking about going west/southwest.

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