The Zombies

Discussion in 'Music' started by kurdtkobain, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. kurdtkobain

    kurdtkobain Member

    Anyone like The Zombies?? Their greatest hits cd is awesome.
  2. hiddendoor

    hiddendoor Member

    Oh yes!
    check out the box set Zombie Heaven, does what it says on the tin
  3. kurdtkobain

    kurdtkobain Member

    would they sell it at hastings...haha thats the only place I buy things from.
  4. hiddendoor

    hiddendoor Member

    oh not sure, but once saw a copy in Virgin records in Times Square so you never know, Barnes and Noble probably do it I'd have thought
  5. kurdtkobain

    kurdtkobain Member

    What would be your top 5 favorite songs of theirs? Mine are>
    She's Coming Home
    Time of the Season
    She's Not There
    I Love You
    Imagine the Swan
  6. hiddendoor

    hiddendoor Member

    lemme see
    Beechwood Park
    Hung Up On A Dream
    She's Not There
    Time Of The Season
    Maybe After He's Gone
  7. Bellfire01

    Bellfire01 I'll say anything

    I love the zombies and the Guess Who. ;)
  8. aeshna5

    aeshna5 Member

    Love Time of Season + She's not there; Santana did great rockin' verion of latter track in late 70's. Colin Blunstone (singer Zombies) made some fine solo tunes too!

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