The Wolverine

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    The Wolverine
    Movie Blurb by Shale
    July 26, 2013

    This movie opens without beginning credits. Logan is inside a heavily chained stone lined cave where he is being held as a POW by the Japanese in 1945.

    Wolverine in Japanese Prison - World War II


    The war is ending in a final allied bombing raid and Logan is let loose by a guard, Ichiro Yashida (Haruhiko Yamanouchi) but in the chaos, Logan ends up saving Yashida's life and also revealing to him his self-healing ability.

    Then we are in the present, where Logan has moved back to his northern wilderness after the battle in The Last Stand when he killed Phoenix and the woman he loved, Jean Grey (Framke Janssen) who haunts him in his dreams.

    Logan the Mountain Man

    Logan's self-exile is ended when he is approached by Yukio (Rila Fukushima) a young Ninja who says Yashida is dying
    and wants to repay him for saving his life 75 years ago. Logan says he will go for a day and then come back.

    But, things in Japan get complicated. Yashida has amassed much wealth in business (and the mob) over the years and is surrounded by armed guards. Logan is given something that removes his self-healing immortality, just when he needs it again to fight off Japanese gangs of sword and gun wielding assassins that are out to kill Yashira's granddaughter Mariko (Tao Okamoto) who will inherit his wealth. But he, Marika and Yukio put up a good running fight.

    Wolverine Ready for a Fight in Japan

    Complicating things even more is the mutant, Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova) who is somehow behind capturing Wolverine and removing his healing powers.

    Viper Captures Wolverine

    From there the battles rage even more fiercely against Viper, assasins and a Silver Samurai robot made of Adamantium.

    This is a very character driven tale and Hugh Jackman after 13 years of being Wolverine still pulls it off nicely. I heard that the 44-year-old actor really had to do some intensive training to get that well-built and it pays off on film. I really liked this movie, but I liked all the X-Men movies, so guess I'm a fan and not a critic.

    There is a question left unanswered about something that takes place in this movie. You fans will probably see it too. And, apparently there is another movie lined up as indicated in the scene within the end credits. We'll see. Can hardly wait.
  2. It was like watching two movies at once

    Movie No.1:

    Hugh is Hugh so I'm going to watch it anyway. It was pretty much just a string of fight scenes put together, the fight scenes were really good, and their where Ninjas that was cool. So approach it like any martial arts movie and its good.......but....

    Movie No 2:

    The story was pretty stupid and the dialogue especially was really really cringeworthy, like Phantom Menace bad. Viper was the baddie and that was kind of lame, the superpower of evil spit woo hoo. And his sidekick, why was she even there? She could see the future and thats pretty much it.

    If it wasnt Hugh as Wolverine, I would have hated this one

    PS: Mariko. Bone structure, spent most of the movie thinking that was a MTF trans, so got a surprise to see the big pash at the end, shes not, although very androgynous:

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    So, Wolverine lost his big shiny Adamantium claws. WTF! Now he has to go back to his old bone claws, which did grow back at the end of this movie. Also, in the teaser at the end credits, it is 2 years later and Wolverine feels threatened and his bone claws come out, so it appears that the Adamantium claws are gone. Wolverine will not be the same without the badass blades.

    BTW, Charles Xavier and Magneto also show up in that scene, so the old X-Men characters are back - with their powers restored. How they explain that? Can't wait to find out.
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    I loved the first 5 movies and have added them to my DVD collection but I simply couldn’t stomach this movie. It was a bit confusing, the setting in japan, that venom spewing bitch [​IMG]

  5. Yeah,on refelction i was a bit too diplomatic about this movie in my first post.

    It was a really shit movie.

    Dialogue and story wise, a movie hadnt made me cringe so much since Phantom Menace.

    If it hadnt been for Hugh Jackman and Ninjas, I would have walked out
  6. Justin_Hale

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    I saw this video that someone posted the link to on another site last weekend:"]Hulk vs Wolverine - YouTube

    I looked it up from memory today because of this thread (that I just found here today).

    If this is the same vid that I saw then there was some talk about new stuff in the comments section, and it wasn't about fighting the hulk, but how, and who would win, and why, etc.

    If they do what I've read comments about (in a new movie), I'll stand in line for hours to see it!

    I don't know about this movie, as this is the first time I've even heard of it.

    I'll have to check it out when it's on dvd..
  7. I really thought this movie was a piece of crap. I think for once we should see Wolverine in his full gear at least.

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