the wolf

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Blkrubbersoul, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Blkrubbersoul

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    the wolf

    aluminum outfits
    reduced to alchemy
    the cacophony
    of absolute euphony
    rings out
    the night soon
    in the jaws of the howl

    trail markers
    construct the horizon
    streetlights bright
    against the snow

    metal flesh soft
    sallow men cross the hearts
    with shears
    slit the stomach and arms
    white hot

    headlights make the shadows tall
    the door scraps fall
    lanterns beacon
    the unconditional

    windows open ears
    listen to the impossible bleating
    a woman crying,
    the crackle-hiss of tears freezing to cheeks,
    they peel his forehead from the leather
    and place the soaking
    skin safe inside her maw

    I secure the drapes
    but the moon somehow brushes my face
    when I dream tonight I dream of
    the exhaust rising in clumps behind her legs
    like blood separating from water

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