The White-Market Usables/Consumables Industries

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    -Food-stuff (s) industry
    -Sugar industry
    -Salt industry
    -Water industry
    -Caffeine industry
    -Alcohol industry
    -Kava industry (possibly)
    -Marijuana industry (not in relation to practices, such as the colloquial "smoking industry")
    -Tobacco industry (not in relation to practices, such as the colloquial "smoking industry")
    -Psychedelic hallucinogen industry (eventually)
    -Opium industry (perhaps, but un-likely, probably as an off-shoot of the pharmaceutical industry, which it already is)
    -Pharmaceutical industry
    -Supplement industry (dietary/nutritional/herbal/botanical/plant industries, aromatherapy and health food-stuff (s))
    -Sex industry (both the of-age adult consensual living human pornography industry and the of-age adult consensual brothel-based prostitution industry)
    -Petroleum industry (for electricity supply)
    -Gold and silver (by diploma and above participants engaging in white-market trade-and-transaction)

    There's also homing/housing industry, clothing industry and other's that don't come to mind, such as the sport's industry and other entertainment industries, but in this digitised/virtualised era that will be here until the end of time, what else is there?

    In terms of usables/consumables, you have food-stuff (s), water, in relation to food-stuff (s) and drug/substance/chemical, you have marijuana edibles, drink you have water and soft drink's, whilst in relation to drink and drug/substance/chemical, you have alcohol and in relation to drug/substance/chemical, you have tobacco smokes, marijuana smokes/tokes and other non-edible practices, once or none at all (preferably none at all), you have the "white oxe" (brand) and you have the "port royal" (brand) in oceania, after 85 times, I would partially orally inhale and "haul-and-hold" and remove the left-over tobacco, now I collect it cause of how expensive it is, regardless of insecticides/pesticides/herbicides/fungicides/rodenticides/fumigants, blacken the earth with petrol fumes/vehicular exhaust and blacken your lungs with herbal/botanical/plant smoke/toke and herbal/botanical/plant vape
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