The wedding of the decade

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  1. Any pics?

    Stick emojis over your faces if you are worried about getting stalked online, otherwise pics!!!

    Or you have one of the setting without anyone in it
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    I actually haven't looked at many photos. I've seen the ones taken on my phone. I was discussing this with someone before, because of all of my eye surgeries I'm very light sensitive which means unless is very dark rain clouds you will always see me in sunglasses in day time. Anyway, because the sun beamed right on time, I really struggled keeping my eyes open I could feel my whole forehead twitching as I strained to keep them open, one eye closed most of the time, I must have looked pretty horrible and my eyes were streaming with tears as it was agony. I've seen a few that I like at least. But really just after the ceremony not much during just two shots holding hands and hugging. We kissed twice for some reason I can't even recall but people laughed and she said okay now do one more. Heh. Most of the photos are on my sisters phones and one with a proper camera with a static lens which I found strange because like, wouldn't you want to zoom? Oh and of course she had troubles with it too lol, as the tree overhanging, unless you were seated up front, was in the way. So when they all get together I want them to send me a CD with them all. They says there's hundreds, like 400 on one sisters phone alone.. Here was our setting. :) very small, and basic.


    We stood facing away the left side of fountain, the table would be behind the fountain. And we had our first stein of beer on that table. The fountain, we may have been taller than it, but not by much. It's deceitful lol, but it was cute. The table is set with figurines. We couldn't get them made with two woman, but they are just so adorable. It's a happy Viking couple. :) there was also another one where they were rowing a small longboat it was so cute but it was out of stock and we could only find them in stock at this one site in Sweden I think it was. I bought an extra two because I want to see if we can make the hair longer on the boy.
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  3. 2 more sleeps
  4. Miss Markles family sounds like a train wreck
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    As long as Meghan makes Harry happy, what do you care?

    I think Harry and Meghan are ADORABLE, and Meghan is beautiful! of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen...and her beauty comes from the inside ,. as well. I wish I knew and was friends with the happy couple.

    What the monarchy needed....a shake up of all staunchy rules...times they are a changin'.

    What is Harry? 5th in line or something? He will probably never be king anyway.....and are William and Kate done having children yet?.... so it could be more than 5th in line or whatever it is now.

    Did you see the movie about their romance? It was so inspirational.

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  6. I hope she still has a working baby bucket, getting on a bit ;)

    They have to get busy and pop out at least two milk chocolate babies
  7. London is going off
  8. Its saturday night here.

    The wedding watching party is me, my mother, two aunts, one of their friends and a great aunt

    I am the only male, and the only one that wasnt alive during the korean war, 5 different types of old lady perfume

    And we will be having tea and scones later

    They will be crying becuase it will be so beautiful, I will be crying because any chance of getting at Harrys cock will be gone for ever ever ever ( or at least 5 to 7 years), but they wont know that, they'll look across and me all teary eyed and say to my mum, oh he's such a sweet boy
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    LOL... :D... LOL... :D... And LOL... :D... Yet Again.....:D

    Cheers Glen.
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    Hahahaha.. I love you vanilla :D
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    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    Who gives a fuck?
  12. George Clooney looks stoned
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    The Beckhams look understated.. and under dressed
  14. Surprised by Victoria Beckham, she has aged very well, and her dress looks very stylish and not attention seeking, why did her hubby ever get the tattoos on his neck though
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    Don't know.. I don't like unhidable tats.. Victoria Beckham looked nice, but missed her moment to wear a new summer outfit from her new summer collection.. lol.. was a bit dark her outfit
  16. Pippa looks like she made that dress out of a pair of curtains

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    Josh stone! Omg, take that gum out your mouth!!
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    Pippa is trying to hide her baby bump.. but I bet that dress cost a fortune.. Pippa, it wasn't worth it!

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    So Many Beautiful Young Men......Thought It Was "Cool" To Stick A Tatt Anywhere......It Was A "Fashion Statement".....

    They Were All So Stupid As To Be Blind To The Fact That Tatts Are ...PERMENANT......When Will Youth

    Ever Achieve The "Wisdom" Of "Mature Peeps" Such As Myself...... :D

    Cheers Glen.
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    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

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