The wedding of the decade

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by Vanilla Gorilla, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. I'minmyunderwear

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    the guy who happens to have all the money in the world and is basically in charge of britain, for no other reason than the fact that he was born? yeah, there's a little bit of luck there.
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  2. Probably to disguise little dude is whiter than white
  3. After a couple days reflection....

    They did just blackface Archie didnt they?

    This seems to be the one and only recent picture

    Why the filter?
  4. morrow

    morrow Visitor

    He is a ginger like his dad... I bet, cute little boy, so they give him a dummy.. bless him, no mummy's finger to suck for that little guy.. cute!
  5. morrow

    morrow Visitor

    Lisa kleg has it right.. she is nervous.. I think half if not more of the time, the news papers make it worse..
    I would not want to be megan one little bit!

    But they have to loosen up a little.
    I think the lack of photos will make the press hound them, Harry is protecting his family from what his mother suffered, I think if he doesn't relent, it's exactly what will happen..

    But we do understand what your doing Harry, well, most of us.

    As for the trolls... ignore them.. hypocrisy is always around.
  6. The only two close up pics of him so far have filters that remove colour, I'm getting a little suspicious

  7. morrow

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    I think if they were filtering him, that could be called racist, he is what he is... I think he is a ginger...and lovely too.. it's quite fashionable now.. and baby gingers are gorgeous..
    Be a lovely colour when he is older..
  8. morrow

    morrow Visitor

  9. Vladimir Illich

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    You mean just like his grandad - James Hewitt !!!
  10. Trawalky

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    They are a beautiful couple, and I do not understand why they hate them. Their wedding was the wedding of the decade. It was just like a fairy tale. All the girls dreamed of this as a child: to marry a prince, but Meghan was lucky. Ordinary mortals can't even dream of such a wedding. Our wedding was very modest, in a country house. We didn't want a cliche, so we chose a similar location. There was a minimum number of guests, only the closest ones. That was fine with us since my wife was pregnant, and we didn't want to be stressed. A wedding is not only a joy but also a great stress and tension.

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