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Discussion in 'Hip Comics' started by Giant, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Giant

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    I'm on a bit of a webcomic (online comic) kick lately, so in the spirit of getting this part of Hip up and running, I'm going to show you the best of them. All I really ask is that anyone passing through click on at least one link.

    The Meek: A graphic novel if ever there was one, it is equally about a haunted emperor, a naked wild girl and a shady gunslinging lady.

    Gunnerkrigg Court: A tale of a Harry Potter-like boarding school, and the weird kids (and adults and ancient beings) that live and learn there.
  2. Giant

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    Zebra Girl: Surprisingly, about a demon, it's all very dream-like. Its starts sketchy, but the author is now a master of black and white art.

    Now the rest of 'em, so the first page isn't overrun, I won't put up any more images, but these next guys are just as good!

    Rice Boy Comics, actually has several comics on one site, including Order of Tales, Vaatu and series mini comics. They're all very "Hero's Journey".

    Nedroid! A fun batch of strips about a bird and a bear/potato.

    Pictures for Sad Children. Terribly depressing. Funny too.

    Dawn of Time! A complete comic series, very historically accurate.

    Dr. McNinja. Action! Comedy! Romance! Well no romance. It has a ninja that is a doctor for the main character though.

    Hark! A Vagrant! This is a comic about... man, just read it, you won't believe what the author can make funny.

    The Abominable Charles Christopher, the pace on this one is slow, having about as much time spent on asides to bit characters as the main story, but damn if it isn't near perfect. Read this one! Hell I'll post an image.

    This'll also be the thread to talk about webcomics. So come on, opinions, thoughts, ideas for your own, link to new ones that aren't on my list. Get to it!
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  4. Lodog

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    Thanks Giant. Good stuff.
  5. Giant

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    Yer welcome. Glad you like 'em Lodog.
  6. ganesha1967

    ganesha1967 barefoot bellybearer

    Arpeggio - the adventures of barefoot teenage guitar player Meghan Susan Green...

    From the cast description:

    "Our dear and clueless bard hovers in that awkward space between child and adult. At sixteen, she seems older one moment and younger the next. Born to an aspiring actress (who left years ago) and a bitter would-be rock star, Meghan comes honestly by both her talent and self-doubt. The girl she sees in the mirror isn’t the person she’s bound to become. Meghan carries a guitar almost everywhere... even, occasionally, to bed. She’s got no use for shoes, though, and can get rather militant about that. Temperamental, spacey, shy and often defensive, Meghan’s used to fighting for almost everything she has. A Junior at Crow Creek High, Meghan uses music, attitude and defiance as shields. Soon, though, that won’t be enough to protect her from the almost frightening degree of talent she holds"


    Wiggling bare toes,


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