The War on Terror is over...

Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by daisymae, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. daisymae

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  2. bamboo

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    Oh you poor child. It MIGHT be closed in a year, maybe......maybe. The ban on aggressive torture (using only the Army field manual as a guide is in place pending a study to see if other agencies such as the CIA need "alternate" methods)...wanna bet they do? The study to see if the Geneva Convention was violated in the operation of GETMO is going to ran by the same guy who has been running GETMO for the past several years...wanna bet he ain't gonna incriminate hisself?
    Read the fine print. Don't trust politicians. If nothing else go to the POLITICO ( a LEFTWING website) and read what they have to say about it.
  3. daisymae

    daisymae I'm a Rhinestone Cowboy

    Oh you poor child, I was just posting a news story. Sorry you thought I wrote it.
  4. Pressed_Rat

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    Yeah, it MIGHT be closed in a year, and this doesn't include the other facilities that are not necessarily deemed "CIA prisons." Torture was not outlawed by Obama and he said nothing about the end of the 'War on Terror'. Obama wants to further pursue the War on Terror, going after countries like Pakistan. He also plans on drastically INCREASING the size of the military.

    Obama is every bit the warmonger that Bush was.
  5. Monkey Boy

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    I thought he was going after terrorists in Pakistan not necessarily looking to take over the country itself.
  6. zencoyote

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  7. dirtydog

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    I don't like section 8c of the Executive Order. There has been an increase in maltreatment of prisoners at Guantanamo since Obama's election, according to lawyers for these prisoners. This should be addressed. In other words, guards who abuse prisoners should be given a one way ticket to Antarctica, South Pole, Amundsen-Scott Station, and a snow shovel. This should apply not only to the guard committing the offence, but to the two officers immediately superior to him in the chain of command. If Amundsen-Scott gets overstaffed, room can be found for these shitheads at Vostok Station or McMurdo Station, Antarctica.
  8. Indy Hippy

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    As long as there is someone to scream "Terrorist!" on U.S. soil the war on terror won't be over. There's no doubt in my mind that Obama will just introduce a new method on the war.
  9. gardener

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    I don't think so. I think Obama is genuine in his concern for doing away with this. It may take some time. You can bet Cheney installed systems that will be difficult to disassemble. There are huge private concerns that made huge profits under Bush/Cheney (promised immunity), that will resist the ending of these attrocities, but I would bet Obama is willing to go the extra mile to undo their harm.

    When a panel of five past Secretaries of State all agree on one issue...well then rethinking a past mistake is inevitable.
  10. guy

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    the war on terror will never be over until the objectives of people like richard perle and his friends have been achieved. america will be sucked dry by the fifth columnists that have basically taken america to the edge of total wrack and ruin.

    what does it matter that an american family has been thrown out on their ear out of their house and into the street?

    they are happy to be homeless for jehovah it builds character and the american spirit, they are happy in the knowledge that all of their wealth is not put into bridges and roads, a hospital system for all americans regardless of race or social class.

    the same fifth columnists responsible for destroying that country have moved onto another host (obama) that they can run exhausted into the ground in the same way that they rode the republican party into the ground by persuading them that years of warfare on lands of the bible had to be recaptured in the name of jehovah.

    obama's government will be sucked dry and run into the ground because he has taken to his bosom the same vipers that started the war on the rest of humanity. these characters do not see humanity as humanity, they see them as animals and make no mistake they will absolutely not stop until the rest of humanity is wiped out.

    how do we stop these people? do we get angry?

    no - that is counterproductive

    you simply turn off the money tap that slakes their thirst, stop the money train to these fanatics, stop the wars. the only reason these people can spread their war on humanity is because we allow them to do it. the bomb victims, the fly blown carcassess that make jehovah happy , the jet fighters that drop bombs onto shepherds, the suicide bombers etc etc.

    america is simply the host used to bomb humanity, america still has some money. the stimulus package is being to continue the wars on humanity. the trillions of dollars used to fund the wars are still being spent, the war rages and obama has been in power for how long.

    america appears to have run out of money yet strangely it still wages war on countries across the world that has cost more and more money. the purpose of the stimulus package is being used to try and keep "normality" amongst the nation, as long as the drain on resources is slow, america can be bled dry slowly whilst STILL fighting the war. the pull out being promised is years away.

    the stimulus package is designed to keep the mob with some bread in their mouth whilst the wealth of the treasury is spirited away to places by people that no one dare speak of.

    i'm afraid that obama was just what people needed to hear, he's really just keeping the war going and listening to the same advice that has drained the treasury. the war will continue and whilst the gold of the treasury is being shipped off you will still be hoping and dreaming, dressed in rags and still fighting a war on behalf of jehovah and his friends.

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