The Vegetarian hamburger helper???

Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by Earthy Mama, May 28, 2004.

  1. Earthy Mama

    Earthy Mama Feel my wrath... ;)

    Its called "Simply add veggies". My mom found it in the grocery store and got it for me. Has anyone tried it? I'm a little wary because its all in a box and for some reason I just can't help but think its going to taste like a box... anyway, I'm going to try it tonight and tell you if it tastes box-like or not. :) It says its a kit and has "chicken style soy nuggets, spiral pasta, and italian herb tomato sauce" (Cacciatore). All your suppose to do is add vegatables. hmmmm.... *being skeptical*
  2. IvSeenTwilght

    IvSeenTwilght Member

    i never liked hamburger helper when i wasnt veg*n, my mom used to make that way too much. it should have been illegal to make it that much, ewwwy.
  3. you can get hamburger helpers that dont have animal product in them (they are out there) i get those and add soy crumbles and soy milk and have a tasty meal.
  4. emehrkay

    emehrkay Member

    simply add veggies is wonderful! i love the peppercorn steak one, delicious. i dont think its anything like hamburger helper though. hh you add meat, this you add veggies, hh is mainly noodle based, sav is rice based. give us your review.
  5. Lizz

    Lizz Member

    Is it vegan, or just vegetarian?
  6. depends.

    some of these have powdered milk in them. hubby came home with some of these.The veggie stir fry is the best!

    be careful though...these pre-packaged things often contain surreal amounts of salt and sugar.

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