The Vatican's Agenda For America

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    by Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer

    In response to the Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade in 1973, which legalized abortion, the Vatican lead U.S. Catholic bishops adopted a plan to build a political machine to pass an anti-abortion human rights amendment to the Constitution. Not long after this development, they issued their Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities. One of the more profound accomplishments of this Plan was the takeover of the Republican Party by the Vatican. The GOP became the Vatican's anti-abortion political party.

    An outgoing Republican National Committee Chairman, Richard Bond, told a committee that it was time for the Republican Party to abandon the Vatican's position on abortion.

    There is a world overpopulation crisis and abortion helps to curb overpopulation growth. A comprehensive U.S. study on population growth [NSSM 200] concluded in its report that: overpopulation threatens American security and the security of all nations.

    The Vatican is opposed to abortion and contraception and they both help reduce population growth. Uncontrolled population growth is a primary cause of the worst problems that face the world today, including the degradation of the environment, the destruction of natural habitat, malnutrition and starvation, widespread unemployment, poverty, and social unrest resulting in national and international conflict. Within the last 40 years the world's population has expanded from three and one half billion to a little over seven billion.

    During the International Conference on Population and Development held in Cairo in 1994, Dr. Stephen Mumford, a leading writer on population issues, discussed the pivotal role of the Vatican in thwarting efforts to alleviate the world population crisis.

    EWTN Global Catholic Network recently filed a federal lawsuit against the Obama administration's contraception mandate, viewed as a violation of the First Amendment. Dan Burke, the Executive Director of the National Catholic Register, wrote: Never before has such a threat to our religious freedom presented itself. Michael Warsaw, president of EWTN said: "When the federal government uses its power to coerce an organization to act contrary to its deeply held values, it destroys the organization's capacity to fulfill its mission" and "ultimately causes it to cease to exist".

    Civil law, which legalizes contraception and abortion undermines papal authority. Because most Americans look to democratic process to determine morality, the authority of the pope is threatened by this process. The Church cannot coexist with such an arrangement, it currently threatens the very survival of the papacy as a world power and it is progressively diminishing its credibility to the degree that it will ultimately cause the Church to cease to exist.

    To preserve and promote papal authority as a credible and influential world power, the Vatican requires only that the civil law of nations not conflict with canon law. Therefore, it is only legal abortion that the Vatican is ardently opposed; illegal abortion does not threaten Papal authority.

    Vatican propaganda has mislead most people to believe that "lives of the unborn" and "morality" are the issues. However it is really the survival of the Catholic institution and Papal power that is the issue. All countries in Latin America have higher abortion rates than the U.S. Nothing is said by the Church there. If abortion were the real issue, the Church would be speaking out even louder in Latin America than in the U.S. Only in the U.S., where it is legal, is it an important issue for the Church.

    The Spring 1994 issue of Conscience, the journal of Catholics For a Free Choice, exploded the myth that the Republican Religious Right is a Protestant movement. It was designed, created and controlled by Catholics in response to the Pastoral Plan. These Catholics recruited opportunistic Protestants to give the appearance that Protestants were the instigators. The leadership is Catholic but the followers are often Protestant.

    The Vatican has a principle it created called the primacy of conscience, on the loyalty to God (which includes loyalty to the pope) over loyalty to the state. Most American Catholics do not accept this principle. President John F. Kennedy publicly denounced it. Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., close adviser to Kennedy, believed that, because of the bishops' anti-abortion agenda, the Vatican was trying to overrule the American democratic process.

    There is conclusive evidence that most American Catholics are ignoring many Church teachings, in particular those related to sex. Bishop Mark J. Hurley, consulter to the Congregation for Education for the Vatican, states, "…Vatican curial prelates were skeptical that a true believer in the American proposition could be a true believer in Catholicism."

    The Vatican has not accepted what Bishop Hurley refers to as "the secularist interpretation of the First Amendment, the theory that it meant absolute separation not merely of the state from the establishment of religion but of religion itself from public life." The Vatican has its own religious interpretation of our First Amendment. When referring to Hitler and Stalin's hateful secularist path, Bishop Daniel Jenky said, "In clear violation of our First Amendment rights, Barack Obama – with his radical, pro abortion and extreme secularist agenda, now seems intent on following a similar path."

    Bishop Jenky also said: "Now things have come to such a pass in our beloved country that this is a battle we could lose. But before the awesome judgment seat of Almighty God, this is not a battle where any believing Catholic may remain neutral. This fall, every practicing believer must vote and must vote with their Catholic consciences or by the following fall, our Catholic schools, our Catholic hospitals, our Catholic Newman Centers, all our public ministries — only excepting church buildings — could easily be shut down."

    Our nation's Roman Catholic Bishops are equating loss of privilege with liberty. True religious freedom is the ability to practice your religion and hold your religious beliefs, as long as those beliefs and practices do not infringe upon the religious freedom of others, break the laws of the country we live in, or expect special government privileging.

    To push its massive attack on true religious liberty, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops [USCCB] is pushing a false definition of religious freedom—and it will be massive.

    The complaints outlined by the bishops are not an infringement on their religious liberties, but rather the bishops' belief that the government should fund Catholic organizations even if their services are substandard or do not comply with the law.

    In a statement, the USCCB cited seven examples of what they say are violations of religious freedom. One of the complaints took issue with the federal government for refusing to reauthorize a grant to a Catholic organization that was supposed to serve the victims of sex trafficking but refused to provide or refer the victims to services for abortion and birth control. In other words, they are complaining that they lost a government contract, after they refused to provide the very people they were supposed to be helping, with the necessary care.

    The USCCB has also complained that some states are cutting off contracts to Catholic agencies that discriminate in state adoptions. In addition, it also complaines about the HHS regulation that religious institutions are not exempt from offering insurance coverage that includes contraception care. Not only did the USCCB complain that they were held to the same laws that secular organization are held to—they feel the government should fund Catholic organizations even if they break the laws of the land.

    Father Richard Ryscavage, executive director of the Migration and Refugee Services of the U.S. Catholic Conference wrote: (1.) The U.S. does not have an inherent right to limit migration. (2.) The Catholic Church rejects the concept of national sovereignty.

    Because of its extensive manipulation of U.S. immigration policy, the Catholic Church is mostly responsible for the chaotic flow of illegal immigrants across our borders today. Unlimited immigration and large Catholic families, due to their anti-abortion and anti-contraception positions, is the hope of Catholic domination and Vatican ruler ship of the United States; most immigrants are Catholic.

    In China, Catholics must choose Pope or State. There are two kinds of Catholicism in China: the state run Catholic Patriotic Association, which requires Catholics to swear allegiance to China and its people, and other Catholics who maintain their allegiance to the pope and represent the underground Church.

    In the United States, we do not require Catholic bishops to swear allegiance to our country—despite the fact that our security-survival interests are indisputably in direct conflict with those of the Vatican. Yet the U.S. bishops have emerged as the most powerful lobbying group on Capitol Hill.

    Archbishop Anthony Bevilaqua told an audience of his, "The time has come to restore the vital relationship between religion and law, church and society." The Washington Times reported that Bevilaqua blasted separation of church and state during his remarks. In other words, the archbishop was leading his Church in perpetration to suspend the U.S. Constitution in order to promote the Vatican's autocratic religious agenda for America. Like in China, Catholics here in the U.S. should have to choose allegiance to Pope or State.

    On May 30, 1995, the pope issued his 12th encyclical, Ut Unum Sint, "That All They May Be One," which is dedicated to the promotion of ecumenism. The message: The pope is eager to bring separated Christians back together. The encyclical was warmly received in the United States by the National Council of Churches, the nation's largest ecumenical organization.

    He calls not only for Protestants to be silent about Vatican political manipulations in America so they can be the good Christians that God wants them to be, but also to cooperate with the Catholic Church in accomplishing its political agenda.

    The claim that the Church is not active in politics and is not mixing religion and politics is dangerous to American democracy and population growth control. Because of their anti-abortion position, the Roman Catholic Church and the Republican Party are threatening American democracy and security as well as the security of all nations.

    It is time for our federal government to require U.S. Catholics to swear allegiance to our nation and its people.
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    Regardless of where you stand on abortion the Vatican has no place trying to influence American domestic policy. The Vatican is a sovereign nation and any attempt by them to take control of political parties here should be considered a serious threat.
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    More people=more money to the church.

    Their stance on unlimited births WILL have to change and it will. Just not in time to stave off much more poverty and chaos,IMO.
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    never allow the church to turn sin into crime.
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    In the 1800's, Americans appreciated separation of church and state, and quickly caught on to Vatican attempts to undermine such. In fact, 38 states passed "Blaine Amendments" to their constitutions, prohibiting use of tax dollars for church schools. President Ulysses Grant publicly advcated separation of church and state. Later, Teddy Roosevely kept "In God We Trust" off of the new $10 gold piece for a few years. The Southern Baptist denomination was a big backer of separation of church and state.

    Flash forward, and protestants have joined forces with the Vatican against secularism. Fewer Americans are Freemasons, a group leary of the Catholic church. Google: American Democracy and The Vatican; population growth and national security, by Stephen Mumford

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