The useless War of the Sexes & a remedy: LOVE!

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by CaptainChurch, Jun 6, 2006.

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    Gender Discrimination and mis-applied roles: It's like a senseless seesaw, going back and forth for centuries, in this useless and loveless "war of the sexes".
    The 'Maker of All Things' created us to love each other; the females...created to be the male's best friends, helping the men to be the best they can be...wise, mature & loving...obviously neither is doing their jobs!
    When we simply and completely follow the basic blueprint of nature, we will have a REAL life of blessings for a change!
    Even the smartest animals mate for life (and support each other); are we as smart as the animals, [who have no imagination or romance]??

    "What's wrong with the human race? A remedy!!"
    .....[[ Title: RE-INSTATING GOD's BLUEPRINT ]]
    (GOD=The Maker of All Things)
    What happened to the human race that caused "role" reversals, that produced immature little boys, and women acting like men? [No wonder things are as bad as they are!]

    What is the "proof" that shows up in the results of our combined chaotic behavior [now at the lowest common denominator, instead of where it needs to be, the highest, for us all to have a real life]???
    It is that females keep males "little boys" to manipulate & control them, not realizing that they themselves are controlled by mankind's worst enemies, thru the female's thoughts, feelings & emotions! ["If you are looking down on others, you'll never see what is above you!" C.S. Lewis]
    Therefore, the men are always immature ("boys & games" & "lost" asking for directions, when they should be helped by the women ("help-mates", the one reason God created females, to be man's best friend down here, not to engage in a "war of the sexes", where satan is in control of this world;
    and, most females refuse to have men & GOD as authority figures over them, (the only way life was designed to work) men helped by the women to be wise, kind, mature & loving leaders who protect & give guidance, instead of asking for directions!
    This all started back in *Genesis 3: 1-13, where Eve was deceived by mankind's worst enemy & then usurped [stole] her husband's authority and spoke for the 2 of them to the serpent {satan within}, when she should have had her trained husband deal with it [this is REAL history, folks];
    and, Genesis 6:1 & 2 [where many females abandoned or deserted the males & shacked up with fallen angels, who at that time could appear as fully-functioning males {"Earth-Girls are Easy"};
    this produced a race of mutant half-breeds ("giants" in various ways) that had to be wiped out in the flood of Noah, so that the Messiah ( Jesus Christ as GOD ) could come thru a pure human race!
    [Again, real history from the best history book on the planet: *scripture]

    If we all adhere to the basic design (blueprint) of creation, the natural roles would produce life, hope, real love & save the "family" from further destruction, with loving relationships, where hope and love would find a home in the family again!!!

    "Love is the Real Thing"
    Love was designed by GOD for relationships between himself and his angels & humans, and between each other. You cannot "love" yourself...that is why masturbation, with all its fantasies, is is self-centered (which is the fallen sin condition that Eve & Adam caused)!
    When we are saved by the Holy Spirit, we become others-centered like GOD is, and He begins to re-create us from the inside out (unlike "religion" which tries to change people from the outside in...the core is still spiritually dead and is just a fake "veneer").
    People use the soulish "masturbation" excuse that they have to "love themselves first before they can love others"...."self-love"....[they usually never get around to others, in their life]....and real love wasn't designed to do was only designed to be spent on God and other humans, like a water cycle!
    Real LOVE is what you do for ALL others that is in their highest or best interests, anytime, anywhere, selflessly (24/7)!
    C. S. Lewis wrote in MERE CHRISTIANITY that "it is better to forget about yourself altogether" and focus on all those you come in contact with, renouncing pride & self-centeredness, because we can easily be deceived by the enemy if we focus on ourselves....he writes "as long as you are looking down on others (putting yourself first), you will never see what is above you"! Christ said that the only law now is love!
    "Love your neighbor as yourself" means---> see to it that your neighbor (everyone) has it just as good as you do!
    1 Corinthians 13:7 The real thing [love] applied never fails!!!
    "To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides." - DV

    Love to a loveless world is as water to a barren desert---Jim Sorrell

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