The true HBWRS recipe

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  1. The Original HBWRS Recipe

    1) Peel the fuzzy outer covering off of your seeds.
    2) Grind in a coffee grinder into a fine powder.
    3) Let soak in a few tablespoons of pure lime juice for 30 minutes in a decent sized drinking glass, mixing every 10 minutes.
    4) After 30 minutes, mix the lime juice with a good amount of orange juice.
    5) The last mouthful will be a lot of the hard, ground up powder. You can opt to chew it, but none of us did, we all chugged it, and tripped fine.

    Within 20 minutes, you'll begin to feel the onset of the trip. It'll come on hard, and you'll be already be tripping before the nausea has a chance to kick in [or perhaps the lime juice killed the nauseating chemicals?]. Either way, you won't feel sick. I advise having some cannabis handy in case you do, as individual results/seeds/bodytypes vary.

    I've done this and it worked fine.
    Take a poland spring bottle, put some lime juice in it.
    Have your pre-crushed seeds.
    Mix powdered seeds into lime juice. Let sit in bottle.
    Fill with juice.

    Edit: Another thing I wanted to add to this thread. After I drank about 10 beers one day I forgot I had plans to trip with my friend, so we did the seeds anyway. We puked. We puked bad. 1) Don't mix alcohol and these and 2) since then, I've become completely grossed out with having chunks in the mixture and having to swallow them. The last time I tripped, I filtered the mixture through cloth and got all of the chunks/non-powdered seeds out, and still tripped as hard as I would have had I swallowed the chunks.
    Glad you had fun.

    Out of 250 seeds over a couple week span, a few friends and I only had a few people vomit. One time was when someone drank mine (22 seeds) instead of her's (8 seeds), and when my other friend thought doing 30 would be a good idea.
    For anyone: I highly recommend doing low amounts at first, 5-8, and then building your way up from there.
    I haven't puked yet.
  2. I had to post this recipe online. I've been cleaning out my computer of gathered info. I need to keep the good recipes accessible, since they are all down now on disc. This recipe works with MGS too. I dont know exactly where I found this wonderful recipe, but one thing I do know is, it works! There is a huge difference in the experience between eating the seeds whole which does work, but man you can feel those poisonous pains and blurred (fish eye) vision. Plus the experience is definetly not as friendly. I would describe the experience as the bad part of you is brought to the surface and you suffer for your crimes with a type of mental anguish. Then as you go through the experience It is somehow cleansed. The experience is very sleepy and nauseating lots of cramps. But the filtered juice produces such a clean high. Very similar in feeling to LSD but without the uncontrolable sensory disturbances and ego dissolution. Alot easier to work with.
  3. moomooman

    moomooman Member

    i think mixing them with alcohol is fine. but im also 100% pure alcoholic, so im always drinking. still though, beer and seeds is fun in my opinion. it cures the nausea for me.
  4. I remember one time I was hammered and ate 8 HBWRS. not to long afterwards I was puking so violently I considered the possibilty I might die. After I got it all out there was no more drinking for me. I just sat with my head between my legs on a chair. But as my friend played his guitar for me I could see him with my eyes closed. I could also see the glow of his energy body and the emission of mood with some tkind of colorful vibration. The rest of the night I had to sleep with a bucket next to my head. I believe it was payback for a friend that I gave hbwrs too. We ate some after he had been drinking all day at the bar. He did well to hold back the naseua, but after it let lose he was puking violently and had someone noone knew come to care for him after what he claimed was him about to die and call the ambulence type shit.
  5. BillyX

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    lime juice ay i will have to try this, ive tried it with lemon juice and that seemed to work alright too
  6. I have no grinder, what could I use instead? I don't mind trying to hand grind it, I did with morning glory seeds.
  7. Coffee grinders are like $10. Try crushing em in a plastic baggie with a hammer. That will do it too. Lemon juice works fine. Thats what I use. This recipe was found a long time ago and after many attempts with other teks this proved to be miraculously effective. If you never have taken acid or a powerful psychedelic. This LSA has been comparable to mescaline for me. You just need at least 12 to 16 hbwrs to really feel it.
  8. Mr.Writer

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    I cannot pass this point. It will not come off.

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