The true Anarchist!!!

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by thinker29, Jan 24, 2009.

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    I found some quotes from this Brazilian writer Ezio Flavio Bazzo. Really nice!

    “The difficulty that some individuals have to hear others, bring up the hypothesis that the ear was incorporated to the body way before the tongue.”

    “ If I had to rely on my books to survive, it wouldn’t be possible to find today, the dust of my bones.”

    “By myself I write, edit and sell my books. I’m a perfect cynic.”

    “The road and a backpack: a man don’t need anything else. Your true evil is the mirror.”

    “Yesterday, a man was worth it by the quantity of arrows that he carried. Today in modern times, he’s worth by the number of keys that he carries in his belt. The locksmith it is the most ridiculous prove of the human imbecility and thievishness. “

    “Although what it may seen, humankind never really cared about the “soul”. Their great neurosis was always associated with the future of the bones.” ​
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    did you roll a 500 thats really a 320?

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