The tolerance of marijuana possession at the Ocala Gathering...

Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by mellowmamamarlee, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. Well this year will be the first year that i will be attending the Ocala Gathering and i was curious about how tolerable weed is at this gathering. I have heard mixed stories about how either people got busted or people got high and i just want to know what the amount of truth behind these stories is.
  2. zencoyote

    zencoyote Member

    We only tolerate good schwag.

    Weed IS take your chances no matter where you are.
    Use common sense, stash your weed well and if you hear the words "6-UP!!!!!!!!" the cops are nearing...put it away!!!!!
    Oh....and if you feel really uncomfortable, I'll hold your stash....for a little smoke.LOL!
  3. treasure oger

    treasure oger Member

    Right On!

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