the time i got arrested

Discussion in 'True Confessions' started by jerry420, May 26, 2004.

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    it was in september of '99,
    it was my senior year of high school and i had just gotten finished taking an english test. i was 18 and foolish for that matter. anyway a friend of mine had a car that he always let me sit in when it was time for a smoke break during school. well i was sitting in the passenger seat and this other guy i knew who was kind of evil decided he wanted to take a joy ride.
    needless to say i became his unwilling passenger and he ended up bottoming out on an old dirt road by some railroad tracks downtown. all of a sudden we just stopped and i looked underneith the car and saw the tell-tale sighns of a destoyed transmission. well we started walking back to school and
    he went somewhere else but i went back to school.
    i was tasked with telling the owner of the car that this person made me
    his unwilling passenger and his car was ruined. later that day during history i was called to the principals office. there were 2 county policemen there and they took my statement. well after a ride in a police cruiser and 2-3 hours having my mugshot taken and fingerprinted i was released into my parents custody.
    i was charged with a felony grand theft auto and waited 6 moths for my trial. luckily the judge was cool and knew the situation so i got off with minimal scathing.
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    were you still friends with the dude whos car it was?

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