The "Thrust Of Flesh" In My Mouth

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by AMS351996, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. AMS351996

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    I love stroking and sucking, haven't had anal-fucking yet, so no comment, but having a hard fleshy member of a man enter my mouth is so yummy, unless hes already cum, which makes it harder to enjoy, I haven't tasted his sperm yet to, out of the two guys I've pleasured, they both came in my hands, so no comment, one guy came pre-maturely and I couldn't gorge myself on his post-aroused cock, the first guy was throbbing hard, the smell of sperm is a turn-off, so once the other guy came, I was less inclined/increased to continue, besides being in public when I was stroking and sucking his cock, I sucked, licked and kissed his hard juicy prick, but for my future men, I'll just let them cum in my mouth, can't be too wary of everything
  2. morrow

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    You have a lot to learn :D
  3. AMS351996

    AMS351996 Transsexual Space-force Member

    In relation to what?

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