The Terrace

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    It seemed poetic at the time...

    A thousand glowing spiders
    Sparkle ceaseless as they move
    A castle there lies
    On its back
    In the clouds flat and smooth
    Illusions of dimension
    Play out before these eyes
    Which are portals of their own illusion
    All a fantasy without consideration
    For alternate live possibilities
    But smiles are formed and faded anyhow
    And we enjoy the time
    The oh so pleasant time
    Which being spent watching
    Is drastically as ineffective as it claims
    And these stone fortresses of magnificent shapes
    Grow around us
    For pleasure of enjoyment
    And the oingo boingo plays "change"
    While in a resful quiet gaze
    My thoughts grow long
    And extend at length
    Past a physical universe
    To an opening which must have appeared
    When alas the earth had begun
    These legible lines
    Making only certain sense
    Chronicle the experience
    The terrace permits
    To thke watchers watch
    From their still bird pirches
    And the religious ones erect
    For "god" and "devil" churches
    But as an observer
    Documentation must suffice
    So the traveling roadside aracnids
    Burn as mini tastes of fire
    So creating a gap specifically for thoughts
    If specific persons
    Who sit in unknown places
    Doing unknown things
    For stars not to see
    Thus pen and paper let me glimpse the inner _____
    Of theses familiar souls who I can't seem to recognize
    This ancient metamorphosis called change
    Perplexes the humble and reases the zealous
    So let it be and let yourself be it
    Freedom is the ability for one to react however they may choose, to anything and everything, while, in turn, everything and anythingi may react as it wishes towards you.

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