The Story of Nativity

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    I know Christmas is a long way to go, but I saw a dvd sale on one of the mall in our place and I wanted to have a collection, is the "The Story of Nativity" a good buy?

    Are there information about the birth of Christ and first Christmas that were not included in the Bible? Where did the Holy Family go to escape the death warrant of King Harod? This documentary about the first Christmas features new evidence and amazing scientific discoveries regarding the event that saved the whole world from sin. With the help of team of bible experts, this documentary offers an extraordinary experience in reliving the day Jesus was born. It’s an amazing new look of the story you thought you knew very well. Go back 2,000 years ago to experience the first Christmas and discover the real story of the Nativity.

    The documentary highlights the scientific explanation of the “Bethlehem Star”, the existence of one of the wise men, Gaspar and his Kingdom, and the Gospels that we removed from the Bible.

    Look at Christmas without Christmas tree, gifts, or mistletoe. Let its true meaning be understood through this documentary.

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