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    The Spectacular Now
    Movie Blurb by Shale
    August 30, 2013

    There weren't any new movie releases listed this week that I was interested in so I went to see "City of Bones" again. But when I got to the theater I noticed this movie started at the same time and I had seen some comments that it was good. It is one of those "art" flicks that got favorable mention at the Sundance Film Fest; not my normal pick but I have seen some good ones.

    This was a good one, tho not without getting drawn into some of the teen angst. Altho I am a couple of generations removed from today's teens and the world was a lot different when I was that age, ppl are the same and tho I didn't do all the things the kids of my grandson's generation did in adolescence, the desires and insecurities were still there.

    The movie starts with a voiceover narrative by Sutter Keely (Miles Teller) who is a popular, outgoing teen, the life of the party who has a job, a car and has fun with his GF Cassidy (Brie Larson). Life is great living in the moment but this is adolescence and his GF dumps him.

    Sutter at a Keg Party

    On the way home from that ordeal he drinks too much (somehow this 18-year-old is one of those guys who can access booze with impunity and has a pocket flask, which he swigs from or spikes his sodas). He is discovered passed out on someone's suburban lawn at 6 in the morning by Aimee Finecky (Shailene Woodley) who is on her mother's paper route. They hit it off - and with his charm he convinces her that he can help throw papers while cruising the neighborhood looking for his car.

    Sutter Meets Aimee

    Aimee is quite the opposite of Sutter. Studious, quiet, planning for her future - she is one of the many unnoticed kids in high school. But she is kind-hearted and for all the swagger, so is Sutter. Aimee has never had a BF and when Sutter shows an interest, they soon become a couple.

    Prom Dance

    They compliment each other even thru their ups and downs, mostly because of Sutters indecisiveness about where he is going and who he is.

    This movie wanders thru the lives of these two adolescents as they encounter the predictable emotional moments in their relationship. The young actors are the everyboy and everygirl with whom I could relate (Shailene Woodley chose not to wear makeup in the day-to-day scenes - she looks like a normal teen girl). It is a slice of life that even tho mostly a different time and experience than my own, would hit on some part of my history (embarrassing mostly) that would make me squirm.

    IDK why this movie has an R rating. There were only a couple of scenes of sexual joining, which showed minimal skin and was quite beautiful with just the expected heavy breathing and pushing - under the covers.

    Sutter & Aimee Getting Close

    It is not a movie that I will be wanting to see again soon, but one that I am glad I saw today.

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