The smell of raw weed heating in hot chocolate

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by CannabisBones, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. CannabisBones

    CannabisBones Member

    I'm wanting to heat up weed in the microwave with hot chocolate and some butter. Will it smell, or will the microwave smell?
  2. ahimsa

    ahimsa Senior Member

    If you want to eat the weed, the easiest way I've found is a leary biscuit. Bascially, get a ball of high milk fat cheese(something soft and melty), grind up the weed and rool it into the ball of cheese, put it on a cracker, and microwave it for 10/15 secs.

    Yes, heating weed will smell. It won't be overpowering, but yes it will smell almost like italian seasoning or something.

  3. CannabisBones

    CannabisBones Member

    Well, I need to hide it from my sleeping parents, and I need to cover up the smell.

    By the way, don't suggest peanut butter, I'm allergic to it.
  4. ahimsa

    ahimsa Senior Member

    To be honest, I would be shocked if your parents smelt the weed from a leary biscuit like I suggested above. They are more likely to wake up from themicrowave and wonder why you're fixing a snack at 2am.

    Common wisdom says that eaten weed must be heated in some for of oil or fat to release the pyschoactive properties of the thc. I read someone else saying you could put it in milk, but I doubt the results. Additionally, ingested weed generlly take 1/2g to a gram of decent stuff to get a good body high. The high will be different than when you smoke herb.

    IMHO, you're best bet to get a "real" marijuana experience is to wait until you have the house to yourself or can go for a secluded walk and puff a couple bowls out of an apple or joint.
  5. CannabisBones

    CannabisBones Member

    I'll probably try that. I'll eat some of it first. I'm putting butter in it for a fat, so maybe I should put a lot.

    What are the differences in the types of highs experienced by smoking and eating?

    ESRUOS ENO Senior Member

    i like the hot coco idea.... you should do that but make the chocolate thick. the microwave woulnt smell like weed just coco...
  7. acga5

    acga5 Senior Member

    you are almost certainly going to get busted lol, only once you get busted will you realize how stupid your plan was
  8. Gsmall

    Gsmall Member

    microwave would probally kill the thc id cook it on the stove with a double boiler
    for about about 30 minutes

    ESRUOS ENO Senior Member

    There wouldnt be anywhere for the thc to go if he had it in the coco already inside the microwave.. The oil will come to the surface thats about it... Couldnt be destroyed if thats what your saying. Nukin the weed alone will destroy thc but this lose is minimum in the liquid.. The heat will help activate the thc.
  10. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    fuck microwaves seriusly
    why the hell do people ever use those things?
    geez its not so hard, if u wanna make ganja food make it right
    the effects of eatting ganja food (if u cook it right and dont just throw pot in milk in microwave and make a fuckin mess) is that when u eat it u get a much much higher high that lasts much much longer
    its way more efficient, less gets u more
    by far
    u gotta put the effort into cooking it right
    u dont do that with parents hom,e sleeping, u cook when theyre away, or u cook somewhere away from hiome
    then just eat whgenever ya feel like it
    microwaves do not cook food they destroy food
    are your taste buds so alterreed that uy cant taste the difference?
    unplug that damn thing and never use it again...when u realize what ffod should taste like ya never willl use 1 again

    now..then your ready to make ganja food
    find a recipe
    bont just stick weed in butter and boil..dont just wrap a bud in cheese aand hope for the best...cook something good u know will work..and enjoy

    but if u just love wastin weed then go on and stick it in a microwave

    ESRUOS ENO Senior Member

    I cook outdoors mainly.. really I would make a red sauce and finely grade the weed into that, make a pasta, with a white cheese, fresh chopped vegies.. eat and be merry,, I was originally going along with his first idea..

    damn I just made myself hungry.....
  12. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    theres so many amazing things ya can cook with weeed..
    but takes some cookin to do it right

    chocolate ganja fondue..really easy..i supose u could do a ganja cheese fondue too... im hungry too..
    think ill give a freind a call tomoro see if she'll make a batch of ganja candies
    or somethin

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