The Sixties Chronicle

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    I recommend this book for anyone who wishes to learn about or re-visit the sixties. It’s almost 500 pages long but only costs 20 bucks, and it’s filled with over a thousand amazing photos and graphics from that era, a timeline of events that runs throughout the book and concise info describing those events as well as the beliefs, changing values and other factors which led to such an explosive era in our history.

    Everything is covered: Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, hippies, Vietnam, the draft, protests, civil rights, the music, the styles, TV shows and movies, women’s lib, riots, the cold war, the Beatles, the space race, Woodstock, and too many other things to mention. I’ve finished less than 100 pages but it’s the type of book where you keep skipping ahead to check things out.

    It’s not that easy to find, I had to buy it at a Barnes & Noble store because I couldn’t find it anywhere else. But it’s well worth going out of your way for.


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