The Shepherd And His Flock

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Peace-Phoenix, May 9, 2004.

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    The Shepherd And His Flock

    When the far-flung places of this world

    Beckon thee with freedom’s finger,

    To embrace the open arms of strife;

    Fear not morality’s misgivings, but

    Clench thy rifle in thine hand, clench thy fist of might

    And take solace…

    For the Lord is thy shepherd.

    When His chosen people find their way

    To Zion’s hill, let them not fear loss,

    But let them build a golden wall;

    Pave the streets so, and let all beyond

    Wither and decay.

    Ask not why it must be so,

    For the Lord is thy shepherd,

    And to pasture thou must go.

    When the stars fall from the twilight sky,

    When the sun abstains her morning duty,

    And when the Earth itself doth heaving sigh;

    Think not upon the atom bomb

    Obliterating innocence;

    Nor nature’s spirit felled to build it,

    Her bounty reaped, pillaged, burnt and raped:

    For we preach His good name,

    Question not ours…

    The Lord is thy shepherd.

    And thou art sheep!
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    what a shiver this gave me
    what a silient mind and heart for awhile....

    i loved reading this piece
    it holds the words so perfectly

    thank you for posting this
    it has given me such an uplifting feeling
    a moment to hold on to ..........

    love n peace from saff

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