The sex maniacs ball

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    Basically there used to be a sex maniacs ball started in the 1980s, then that got changed to the erotic awards and night of the senses which was the after party. Now you seem to have two women doing the erotic awards and the lady (tuppy owens) who had the original idea and ran the erotic awards night of the senses till last year bringing back the sex maniacs ball.

    A unusual event that raises money for outsiders a disabled sex charity, Ive never been to it when it was called the sex maniacs ball but worked at two erotic awards night of the senses

    Jazuccis • Saunas • Heated Swimming Pool • Woods • Lawns • Bonfire, Dancing to Chris Tofu • MC Mat Fraser • Sock Wrestling • Messy Cake Fights
    Human Snail Racing with Bets • Café Shebeen • Dungeon • Cage • Grope Box Sensuality Chamber with Minstrels & Peeping • Salon of the Senses • LGBTI Parlour • Tantric Massage • Anything Goes • Climax Clinic • Queening Throne
    Holly Revell's Darkroom Photography Booth • Infinity Dome
    Spirited Bodies Naked Disco and Escapades
    Sir Guy Masterleigh and his Pony Girls and Trap

    Bar to Store your Booze • MouseTrap serving dinner & breakfast

    Strict Dress Code
    Skimpy • Slinky Sensual & Sparkling • Magnificent Ball Gown & Tails
    Fetish • Naked • Dressing Up Shop

    Programme of Events & Dancing All Night

    They will have their website up soon but you can get tickets

    or you can steward the event

    Anyway a interesting night out experience

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