the sacred heart.

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by freshh, Mar 15, 2008.

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    it's been quite a long time since i wrote something i liked and this is the first thing i've really finished in a long time. it gets pretty off-topic at the end, but the whole thing is rather hallucinatory. any feedback is appreciated. :]

    the sacred heart isn't just a hospital
    because somewhere between floor twelve and floor twenty-six
    when i couldn't seem to get enough to soothe the need for a fix,
    i crashed like a ton of bricks.
    and i sunk through the sheets and the floor
    into a bottom-floor apartment complex.
    but i'm still hungry;
    still searching for a piece of silver in the top drawer.

    staggering in this house of cards
    just because i'm not ready to remove the shards.
    this isn't quite the alice in wonderland fantasy
    associated with ectasy.
    i can't swallow those pills
    but breathing comes easy with silver thrills.
    scratches suffice at first
    but even with fanmail comes anthrax.

    there's no stuttering rabbit to remind of the time
    as i've lost all perception to mind.
    and my tea might have been laced
    but that march hare wouldn't have let me sip anything defaced.
    the mad hatter might have slipped me some mercury
    but still things wouldn't make any sense to me.
    forthingcoming perceptions from the cheshire cat
    don't do much for those crawling and reaching out for a dirty welcome mat.

    sometimes it's dark
    and sometimes it's hot;
    and sometimes i wish i were not.
    learning to swim as i'm just about to drown
    isn't any way to earn my crown.
    fiddling away while this room burns down
    isn't any way to gain you're trust i know
    but it's the only way i'll know to get your attention.
    you've watched me pull up my sleeve before
    to snuff out the sounds my insides make, as they are screaming so loud.
    i should know better
    but even when i'm freezing, i still won't wear a sweater.
    you've written your number on my face
    but i'm just not into calling when i'm out of place.

    as it seems, God's not ready to give up just yet
    though every breath sounds like a threat.
    if i don't find myself in the sacred heart tomorrow,
    i've left you my ring in a safety deposit box
    and, if i know you, you'll find your way around the lock.

    i've looked in the mirror once today
    and my eyes aren't quite your shade of grey
    but they're such a watery blue that i look so much like you.
    you've seen me naked
    and there's no way i can fake it.
    you know why i can't leave you alone;
    don't make me say it.
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    Wow. This was different. I really enjoyed it!
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    thanks. you're the first to say so. :]
    i just had this little idea about someone being rushed to the hospital and passing out in the elevator and having this big hallucination about a rehab apartment complex below the hospital.
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    What The Hell? That's Not Death Metal. What An Idiot!
  5. freshh

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    uhm, okay.
    er, i know? the village called a little while ago, it wanted me back. :]
  6. DeathMetalFTW

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    Don't listen to this guy. He's not too bright.

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