the roots

Discussion in 'Hip-Hop and Rap' started by junkhead, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. junkhead

    junkhead Member

    anybody else here like them?
  2. junkhead

    junkhead Member

    damn no one?
  3. gin8u

    gin8u Member

    yea i do.
    they are pretty good. They are coming here soon.

    ps. try for a real rap/hip hop commnunity, not many people who The Roots are, or Rakim, or Mos Def.
  4. acid*rain~bow

    acid*rain~bow Member

    ohhh yesss!!!

    fucking love 'em

  5. gesone

    gesone Member

    The Roots have mad skills. Black Thought's the shit and their beats are slamming.
  6. junkhead

    junkhead Member

    black thought is one of the best mcs to ever step to the mic
    this band is so underrated
  7. basic

    basic Member

    the roots have a new cd comin out on 8-29-06 called Game Theory
  8. SLammon420

    SLammon420 Senior Member

    I saw them at a homecoming bonfire, I like them alot.
  9. CaptainBeefheartFan

    CaptainBeefheartFan Screwed Up

    The roots are the shit
  10. gin8u

    gin8u Member

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