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Discussion in 'Real Kinky' started by Robertini, Jan 9, 2005.

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    First of all I want to thank Hip Forums for giving me a space to type this.

    It can be erased at any time.

    This is the review of two female friends, I happened to be with because it was set up by some other people. Thank you to you too.

    First I forgot to include some stuff. Then they said it was too old.

    But here it is, in it's original form for authenticity:

    Jan 2004 Let's try this again. Can you believe I typed everything and by mistake touched something and everything got deleted. So here I go again.

    After comming back from Vegas with some friends, late and very tired. I check the posts and see that my first date with a girl is set and ready. Thanks to Mr.ed and other members. So I get home take a shower and head to Marina del Rey to look for Miss Kerrie's place. After driving around and getting out of the car to look at the building numbers, I call her from a pay phone cause I don't have a cell. Before I knock or ring at the door, it opens. They welcome me in and treat me like a long known friend. I'm invited to dinner and a glass of wine. Miss Kerrie has cooked somekind of pasta dish. She says it's a low carb or something dish. I find out that Kerrie is a very talented artist. So am I, not talented but I know how to draw and paint. I find out they are well travelled and very smart ladies.
    I also get to meet the 22(?)lbs. pussy, hypoallergenic cat. Very nice place, cat, artwork and women at that place that rainy night. I guess when it comes to clients, even if civilian girls think I'm too ugly and weird. These girls thought I was really OK. Sorry guys, I said that.
    So after dinner and talking about art, travel, life, and cat...
    So after dinner and talking...Ok, ok let me be as graphic as I can. I really don't like to talk about myself and if you want to believe that I have a really small penis, that's ok with me. But anyways I'll try to give you the details (blushing)

    After dinner we go to the bedroom and they start touching me in ways, and places and (no words to describe it), like never before. Miss Kerrie kisses with open mouth and tongue. I try to follow even though I have not that much experience with kissing. Michelle is down there and she says, he got a big package or something like that. Then Michelle get down on Miss Kerrie. By the way Kerrie came four or five times that night. I got into the action expecting to get a hand on my face to get away. On the contraire, got welcomed to joined in. Which I of course did. The three of us were into each other and there was a lot of real (not faking) oral and visual expressions. Michelle did something to me which she called, that was felt when your cock get eaten, sucked, munched on or whatever. NetMichelle is really loud and expressive, enough said. Wow. kerrie also used a dildo on NetMichell, she didn't know until later. These girls were so wet as you wouldn't believe it. Michelle even used my three day old beard stubble as a sex toy. Something which I enjoyed very much. so after a lot of sucking, licking, touching, kissing and comming and a lot of loud action...

    They both started kissing or something so I got back there and...
    Got my hands in each of them and they came about 15 seconds of each other. They asked me where I learned that. I couldn't answer that. I thought sex is a natural thing as eating and going to the bathroom, you just know it by instinct. But anyways, they said no guy had done that before to them. Wow, do you get the idea of how hot it was in there?

    So after all this and more. I'm asked what else I want. I answered I want pussy, I said. Michelle found that cute, I don't know why. Maybe because the way I said it. So I went into Kerrie wish I can tell she liked it. She said I do it like a rock star. I felt like a came a few time, but I didn't. But she did. I was to tired, had only slept a few hours each nite, and had drank too much. But anyways I had to get oral sex and ask her how wet and all over the place it got. ( laughing)
    tmichelle had left by then she is moving or travelling to some other place.

    Kerrie and I talked some more, posted a message and agreed to meet later again.
    I sure as hell going back. I know she will be waiting for me too.

    Ok, is that what you wanted to read? I'm a loser, but then again I'm not. I'm just asking god or the devil or anybody to give me a chance in life. I'm 35 years old and I'm all am asking is for fairness. But that's another story for another thread message.

    Thank you guys. Thank you Mr. Ed. Thank you members for at last introducing me into this hobby and T. I love you all. Thank you Miss tMichelle and Kerrie. I love you all.


    I better push the add buttom before I do something stupid and delete everything againg.

    so questions I had to anwser even if I didn't know or didn't care to answer because they were mandatory. Like, I don't care if you girls do smoke or not.

    Hey, guys of this forum. If you don't kow what the hell this is don't worry about it. But you can respond and answer back. :)
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    Ok.. interesting story :) Thanks for sharing :)

    How come you are 35 and you don't have a lot of experience with kissing?

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