The Relevance-And-Viability Of The Reality-And-Practice Of Automation

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    Currently, the dialogue revolves around zillionaires (multi-millionaires, billionaires, multi-billionaires and emerging trillionaires) who either directly/explicitly/overtly or in-directly/im-plicitly/co-vertly own-and-organise either big businesses or medium-sized businesses and taxing them by bolstering the income tax, corporate (capitalist) tax and inheritance tax and applying a wealth tax, since they're able to project their economic power politically and legally, but no one ever talk's about the dying day's of tertiary-educated-and-informed-and-qualified/credentialed blue-collar (at the beginning of the day)/black-collar (at the end of the day) laboring job's/ranks/positions, as specialised white-collar career's/professions/occupations take over, university-education-and-information isn't about qualification/credential, it's about thinking/reasoning/rationalising/logic above-and-beyond the grail, yang, a federal/national/unitary government presidential candidate in this election cycle, said in a rogan video interview on his google youtube channel that education-and-information is about qualification/credential and the host of the humanist report said on a video on his google youtube channel, rightly so, that university-education-and-information is about building intelligence, not purely about qualification/credential, that will lead into a career/profession/occupation, anyway, un-specialised blue-collar job's/ranks/positions are dead, since they didn't start with un-specialised white-collar career's/professions/occupations, we can assume, via the trend-to-norm, that it will be either both specialised blue-collar job's/ranks/positions and un-specialised white-collar career's/professions/occupations that will be automated together at the same time, but more likely, it will be specialised blue-collar job's/ranks/positions and then un-specialised white-collar career's/professions/occupations, leaving specialised white-collar career's/professions/occupations left, which require university-education-and-information-and-qualification/credential, both specialised blue-collar job's/ranks/positions and un-specialised white-collar career's/professions/occupations are both under-educated-and-under-informed, yet white-collar's have greater social prestige, but lowly paid compared-and-contrasted to specialised blue-collar job's/ranks/positions who have low social prestige, yet since there's a boom (probably a long boom), they're paid great, but blue-collar health deteriorates quicker then white-collar, though white-collar's tend to get fatter, except blue-collar vehicular driver's (bus driver's, truck driver's and fork-lift driver's), there's no struggle and there isn't even solidarity, so when automation kicks in harder, longer and deeper, many of the social-economic/socio-economic problem's that they're able to suppress, will flourish again, eat through their investment's (better yet, a bust will happen in the stock exchange), eat through their saving's and wind-up homeless/houseless.

    Let's not forget, nor forgive, that journalist's are the new priest's/preachers/pastors/iman's and hollyweird socially-culturally engineer's popular (western) culture, so the heart's-and-minds are not intelligent and there-fore not free, big mind's and open mind's equate to intelligent mind's and free mind's, which over-lap, I was bred/raised conservative, matured into a liberal/libertarian, but evolved into a marxist/marxian in name only, I'm pro-gun's-and-grenades bullet's-and-bombs, I'm pro-migration (both immigration and emigration) policy-and-programme and I'm pro-re-production/pro-creation/breeding/mating/sporing policy-and-programme, your field/role (s)-and-responsibilities shouldn't be a determining factor, some aspect's of life are objectively observable (economic) materialist fact, it will be due to natural-and-normal technological advances, the cabal-like commission's between specialised blue-collar job's/ranks/positions or the white-market monopolies/cartels between a dwindling amount of specialised blue-collar job's/ranks/positions, so you have over-demand, but under-supply, resulting in a natural-and-normal mark-up/price-gouging, unlike cabal-like commission's, which intentionally-and-purposely mark-up/price-gouge.

    Your white-collar is a default passport in a global/international/multi-national/planetary/worldly/spherical capitalist economy, you can go anywhere, with-in reason, any-time, with-in reason, "term's-and-condition's" apply, you either own-and-organise/reign-and-rule/command-and-control or operate/work/labor/serve/drone, from studying and wanting to work/labor part-time/casual/temporary/short-term to now looking for work/labor that is full-time and going to continue studying.

    If you're not calling for gun's-and-grenades bullet's-and-bombs then their safety-and-security remains and is tightened, so you overall have no right to complain-and-criticise/whinge-and-whine/detest-and-despise, either put-up or shut-up, take a bullet or eat a bullet, see-to-believe, show-to-know, it is up to reformist's/revisionists/evolutionaries to gradually "terraform" or just over-haul the economy, don't be academically-inept and intellectually-inferior, today's economy doesn't tolerate it, might makes right, instead of having a liberal/libertarian/conservative representative democratic political-legal system and a autocratic economic system, why not have a representative democratic economic system and a autocratic political-legal system? It's what the political-legal-economic establishment of both the union of soviet socialist republic's (U.S.S.R) and the people's republic of china (P.R.C) had-and-have, respectively
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    It's really a shame about your writing style because this could be an interesting topic of discussion
  3. AMS, you should totally get grammarly. I've seen the ad so many times it plays like a broken record in my mind lol. Seriously though, here is a link if you want to try it. I don't know if it's free or not. Try the link! Write your best with Grammarly.
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    I know, the problem is, that by the time I mend my thread's, they'll already be buried by new thread's, but if everyone wrote/typed like I did and conversed like I did, there would be no mis-communication's
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    I'll look into it or their website
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