The REAL 3 pioneers of metal

Discussion in 'Heavy Metal' started by Shaw-Min, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Shaw-Min

    Shaw-Min Member

    Blue Cheer
    Black Sabbath
    Jethro Tull

    This in retaliation to some of the comments in the Zeppelin v. Sabbath thread.

  2. HushBull

    HushBull Insuperior

    Man, I love Fuel. !
  3. I'd argue:

    Black Sabbath
    King Crimson
    Iggy Pop

    As was argued in the metal FAQ history section:
  4. Jethro Tull did not influence metal. They influenced the people that made metal. Ace Frehley influenced Alex Skolnick from Testament but you wouldn't call kiss a thrash metal band.

    The answer is none other than Black Sabbath.
  5. We have to separate ancestors from lateral influences here.

    Plenty of things "influenced" metal that didn't end up in its family tree... progressive rock was a huge influence, especially King Crimson and Yes. Jethro Tull and Camel are in there too.
  6. But that wouldn't make them a pioneer of metal. An influence is one thing would be someone who basically gave someone something to start off with, after the original starting point the whole outcome is a completley different thing.

    Maybe they did "influence" the people who actually made the genre, but the sound of metal is anything but similar to jethro tulls sound. I'm aware this is were Tony Iommi came from but even then Black Sabbath never said they were heavy metal, they seard they were just loud.

    Metal, Rock, Rap, Emo they're all just names made by the media to make money. I'd like to see an interview were Ozzy clearly says "we are Black Sabbath and we are heavy metal". and if there even was such a video it would have to be pre-sellout sabbath.

    Not that they were bad when they were more commercial, it's just that the first cew albums are what Sabbath are really all about.
  7. Shaw-Min

    Shaw-Min Member

  8. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    Just watched that Aqualung vid. Haha, awesome man :biggrin:

    But anyway, aren't there more then 3 pioneers of metal? Who cares which one pioneered more in this future genre than the other... To be honest, I can't see how Jethro Tull would be in the top 3 of metal pioneers. Blue Cheer and Black Sabbath are obvious and fitting choices. Just as Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin are to me.
  9. Shaw-Min

    Shaw-Min Member

    Well, Deep Purple and Zeppelin are pretty much straight hard rock. If you look at acid rock, you see that it pretty much divided directly in two directions (hard rock and metal). Metal began with Black Sabbath's first albums and pretty much followed a straight course wasn't influenced much by hard rock.
    Now Jethro Tull's influence on the genre came later, in the eighties and onward, when metal began to take more influence from prog and branch out. Jethro Tull was (hopefully without argument) the most metallic sounding prog band, hence their direct influence was more easily assimilated into metal, making them one of the most important bands to metal.
  10. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    Actually I've always seen those hard rock bands as the most important pioneers of the heavy metal. Just like Sabbath and Blue cheer were hard rock at first and maybe always partially were. I mean sometimes the line between hard rock and heavy metal is vague.
    But not were it comes to Jethro Tull :p, because that's not hard rock or heavy metal. And even if they were one of the biggest influences on metal (which I still doubt by the way) they aren't pioneers. I'm sure they had some influence on some metal bands, just like King Crimson.
  11. Shaw-Min

    Shaw-Min Member

    I don't really think there's a blurry line between hard rock and metal. Maybe Jethro Tull wasn't a pioneer, this thread is open to anyone to declare who they think was.
  12. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    I think there were a shitload of pioneers, from early 'hard rock' like Cream to bands like Deep Purple and Rainbow and I don't even know where to stop. It's hard to determine which one had the most impact on the genre, and frankly I don't think that's very important. If one band pioneered a little in this new matter, a band with a bigger impact which was inspired by the first couldn't pioneer further. So they are indeed all intertwined.
  13. Shaw-Min

    Shaw-Min Member

    That's a really good point.
  14. jmt

    jmt Ezekiel 25:17

    black sabbath gave birth to metal what else is there to discuss?? go back to your slipknot cd buddy.
  15. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    You should give Blue Cheer a listen.
  16. Blue Cheer, Cream, Hendrix et al seem to have very little to do with metal.
  17. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    Just like early Black Sabbath.
  18. Shaw-Min

    Shaw-Min Member

    Yeah, I've seen your retarded posts elsewhere. What leads you to believe that I'm a Slipknot fan, pray tell?

    I'd say judging from the music I've been talking about, your conjecture is pure illogicality.
  19. Influences on metal:

    Black Sabbath soundtrack
    Iggy Pop
    Jethro Tull

    Most influential metal:

    Black Sabbath
  20. area_51

    area_51 Banned

    it was always a fine line between hard rock and metal,that being said i believe the ones who were coined the term metal was black sabbath

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